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    Introduction thread

    I figured since I've posted a few times, I would introduce myself.

    I'm a 28 year old police officer in Kentucky, a former Marine, and I found myself on this forum after lurking on Sherdog for a while.

    I'm a wishful martial artist, in that I wish I knew a martial art. I kind of ignored the MCMA stuff that was getting started as I was getting out of the Marine Corps, and I absorbed the PPCT stuff that was taught at the police academy, although I found it to be largely lacking in usefulness except in limited situations.

    Anyway, now I lead the physical training sessions for our SWAT team and mostly (and this is more embarassing that I first imagined, looking at it all typed out) I read forums like this, watch videos, and try to do sparring, including ground defense/grappling, however rudimentary and probably wrong.

    So, that's about it. If there were a MMA gym less than an hour away, I would love to join one, but since there isn't, I guess I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. If anyone is an instructor in something cool, and wants to give a free workout to the team, I'd be happy to set that up!

    Glad to be here! Keep up the informative posting. More videos of techniques please!



      Thank you for that 'horse's mouth' evidence that being in a SWAT team does not make you a H2H badass.
      You'd be shocked at the number of LARPing fuckheads who come on here claiming that their style's used by some special forces squad or other, and therefore is tested and deadly. You can help with the verbal beatdown in these cases.

      Welcome to Bullshido!


        I can tell you this, after training with Louisville's SWAT team, those guys all have different styles. There was an ex collegiate boxer, a Krav Maga instructor, Judo guys, and several guys who had various levels of other martial arts training, even a few who just learned from the team members. The prevailing attitude was that things that worked got used, and things that did not work were forgotten.

        Anyway, if you're going H2H as a SWAT team, maybe you need to consider less-lethal as an option instead of trying krotty chops to the guy's face.

        The H2H stuff we do is mostly for a workout, a little fight experience for those who don't have it, and survival while waiting for backup on the street, not during a SWAT call-out.


          Your rational reality isn't welcome here... we want to hear about tactical flashlights, handcuff katas and the time you took down a meth den armed with just a stale bread-roll in a sock!

          ::EDIT:: not really, welcome to Bullshido, nice to have you around.


            Greetings Sindic, welcome to Bullshido!

            If you want to find a decent MA school near your place, check out the school reviews by Bullshido members, read around and use the "search" function to find out about topics you're interested in.
            And I think you should find a gym ASAP, after all you're not only training for fun. You're training with people who might actually find use for working MA techniques/approaches...
            And I mostly agree with RunningDog's point (even though it was aimed towards my style field's content too...)


            CLICK & WATCH
            I got BULLSHIDO ON TV!!!

            "Bruce Lee sucks because I slammed my nuts with nunchucks trying to do that stupid shit back in the day. I still managed to have two kids. I forgive you Bruce.
            " - by Vorpal


              Judo is everywhere.

              Judo uber alles.

              Seriously...It's a good style and you can't throw a rock without hitting a judo place in America.


                Scrapper, I took your advice.

                I went outside to throw the magic judo rocks but instead of finding a judo place, I broke the neighbor's window. And his porch light. And also his decorative garden gnome but to tell you the truth, that last rock wasn't a magic judo rock. It was just the ordinary breaking-shit type of rock.


                  See if you knew judo this wouldn't be a problem...


                    Great more people in Kentucky ! We may be able to manage a throwdown after all .

                    Welcome to Bullshido .


                      Originally posted by Scrapper
                      See if you knew judo this wouldn't be a problem...
                      Stupid, imaginary green dots to you sir.

                      Welcome to Bullshido sindic. You seem to have a measure of common sense, and since you don't seem to believe you can throw fireballs from your chakras or break a man's neck with your hangnail, that's about all I have to say.
                      Shut the hell up and train.


                        Welcome to BS! -john


                          How many Kentucky folks are there around here?

                          I wouldn't mind attending a throwdown, I would probably make a good punching bag/submission dummy for someone.


                            Originally posted by sindic
                            How many Kentucky folks are there around here?

                            I wouldn't mind attending a throwdown, I would probably make a good punching bag/submission dummy for someone.
                            * crickets and a cow moos in the distance *



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