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    As my postcount would indicate, I am totally new here. I read the stickies at the beginning of this forum and thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself.

    I am originally from Sweden, but have spent about half of my life in the US. Right now I am a college student on the east coast, studying environmental science.

    My martial arts background is kind of a hodge podge of different styles. I trained in Kenpo many years ago, but I was so young that it may as well not have mattered. More recently I have trained in Judo, Ju Jutsu Kai, BJJ and Kyokushin karate. I also wrestled in high school (not sure whether that would count as a martial art, but I thought I would include it anyways).

    At any rate, that is about it, so I am done rambling now.

    Welcome to Bullshido!

    Wrestling definitely counts - just ask Randy Couture, Don Frye, Mark Coleman etc. I'd love to try wrestling myself, but its nowhere near as widely available in the UK as it is in the US.
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