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Newbie Spetulhu presents himself

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    Newbie Spetulhu presents himself

    Hello everyone.

    This particular newbie hasn't really practiced MA for very long yet. I'm just about to try for my first yellow belt! So how did that happen? Well, at age 30+ I have a tendency to gain weight in a manly fashion so I started thinking about some suitable activity. Laziness is my worst sin so the activity has to be something with other people. Come to think of it, my work as a guard does put me at risk of violence. Not that I haven't been able to talk everyone around up till now, but there are crazies that don't understand reason. Solution: a suitable martial arts club, of course.

    Off to check suitable clubs then. A friend of mine was about to take up his TKD habit again, but that never seemed like the thing for me. Too much kicking, too little self-defense is what I thought of it years ago when my mates did it. And there was the fact I couldn't make the training times for the beginner course. After going to a few shows I settled on our local ju-jutsu club. It looked like the right thing for me with the different ukemi, locks, throws and so on. After a mere three months of training there are some obvious improvements in my physical condition, thanks to the often sweaty training. And it's great fun to observe how us newbies get better at the basic moves. The guy I was afraid of training o-goshi with last month is a perfectly good training partner now.

    So what do I plan to get out of Bullshido? After starting the MA hobby myself I've taken an interest in checking out what others think about different schools. I plan to read articles that catch my interest and ask a few questions when I have them. Besides, I think it's rude to lurk without registering.

    Why do all these Newbs insist on publishing books about themselves?!?

    I haven't read a word you wrote but in skimming it sort of looked like this:

    Hello blah blah blah TKD blah blah blah laziness blah blah blah Jiu Jitsu blah blah blah O-Goshi blah blah blah

    Welcome to Bullshido!



      Welcome to ze Bullshido.

      Does you school spar? a lot?
      What kind of guard are you?


        Thanks, kind Sirs!

        The warm-up is often done by sparring in some manner, be it punch/kick, close-in on your feet or grappling on the floor. We newbies are mostly busy getting the basics right after that.

        I'm the sort of guard who visits ~40 different locations every work shift, some places only once and others up to six times. Make sure all lights are off, all windows closed and all doors locked. Any people that shouldn't be there get kicked out. The most dangerous weapon in my arsenal is a fully loaded GSM phone.


          Forgive my ignorance. What is 'close in on your feet' sparring?

          I'm going to jump the gun here, and suggest that you probably aren't currently training effectively. Are there any other schools you've considered? Example: Judo is techniques from Ju jutsu, but trained with resistance, and therefore effective.


            Originally posted by RunningDog
            Forgive my ignorance. What is 'close in on your feet' sparring?
            Close in, control the other guys arms to hinder him from hitting you. Use your knees, try to slap your partner in the face etc. Trip him or throw him if you get a chance. Then back on your feet and continue.


              Originally posted by Spetulhu
              try to slap your partner in the face etc.

              So it's like this:


              Awesome stuff


                You'd never be able to defend againist RD, he's an ex-slap fighter. Welcome to Bullshido. I guess we'll see if you are training properly or not.




                    How about today?

                    From what little you've told us, your class doesn't sound too hot. Attempting to slap each other in the face is a very bad sign, and it sounds like what you call sparring, is not actually sparring.

                    Read some of the articles on 'aliveness in training' here

                    Then try a different class. I recommended Judo because you should see on your first class what training against 'a fully resisting opponent' actually means. But you'll also find it in lots of other arts, you just need to know what you're looking for first.


                      True, warm-up isn't quite sparring. There's randori (attacker and defender) and "free fight" but we newbies haven't been doing much of that.

                      Slaps are meant to do two things: make us remember to protect the head, and remind us to keep track of the partner's hands. We newbies aren't too hot on blocking, evading or falling yet so we can't go very hard with each other. The mat grappling part is quite a bit sweatier, and we go for locks or chokes while trying to not get pinned. That's surely a resisting opponent?

                      The articles on Aliveness are interesting enough, thanks. As far as I can tell the instructor is trying to teach us to pick a move when there's an opening, not to wait for the chance to do your favorite move. But first we have to train the moves so that we can perform them at all, right?
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                        THERE'S JUDO FOR 40 EURO A FUCKING YEAR AND YOU'RE NOT DOING IT? That is so ridiculously cheap. Did you mean month? OMG start judo. Please do it.




                            Do the judo, you won't regret it, although your body probably will.

                            To put your training in perspective, I participated in fully resistant sparring with every member of my judo club on my first day, likewise with BJJ. Obviously that's just grappling, and you do have to take striking at little slower pace, but your 'slap fights' are probably not the best way to train for that range of combat (they might even be counterproductive).


                              Originally posted by Lu Tze
                              ...but your 'slap fights' are probably not the best way to train for that range of combat (they might even be counterproductive).

                              Try a Judo class. If you don't like it, don't go back. What have you got to lose other than your inexperience?
                              Shut the hell up and train.



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