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Does wrestling really OWN the traditional arts?

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    wrestlers tend to be in better condition- also they normally do more 'sparring' than a lot of tma's . Also al the time you are fannying about with nunchucks, they are on the mat fighting or busting out some weights. Not dissing serious tma's but a lot of skinny little bitches use form and chi and crap to try and hide the fact that they have never been in a real fight


      Your kinda corky Blue Dragon, i have been reading the thread and all i can say is please use the search and you will find many threads with details on why grappling will usally beat a Tradional striker. I am not saying that BJJ is the end of all or wrestling for that. I am just saying that you have made some comments that damn near make you seem confused and lost. You say you can use pressure points and just plain strength to stop a takedown. Well in theory that would work but in real life sorry. Alot of TMAs are based off of theorys but reality is diffrent from theory and when you start testing things in real fights. Things dont usally turn out how you plan.


        I agree with you about the wrestling not being the only way to win. Thats my only argument here I'm not trying to piss anybody off. If I did I apologize.
        Arright. Fair enough.

        As tempted as I am to call it quits on this conversation, I simply can not pass this by.

        And another thing. Challenging me in these conditions prove you and whoever unrespectable, reason for saying TMA artist are more respectable
        Now, let's break this statement down.

        1) I challenged you "under these conditions"
        2) Because of this, TMA people are more respectable than MMA people.

        Man, I don't even know where to begin.

        First of all, I did not challenge you. I have stated that clearly in my post at the top of this page. I merely made you an offer to meet, provided you are in my area, so that I can demonstrate my point. I did not, and still do not intend to hurt you. As you may or may not know, a number of bullshido members meet on a semi-regular basis to train and spar together, and learn from each other. I very much suggest you attend one of these gatherings in your area. It will be a valuable learning experience. And no need to worry about hostilities - everyone I've met here are nice and civil people.

        Secondly, even if I did challenge you, how does that make me unrespectable? Challenge matches are one of the core traditions of TMAs, are they not?

        And lastly, even if, for the sake of this argument, we assume that I challenged you and thus am not respectable, that is not a valid basis for the sweeping generalization you made about all of MMA. Now I am flattered that you seem to think that I represent the entire MMA community, but let me assure you that this is not the case.

        I remain, Hapko3


          I didn't understand that quote and I understand what you mean now. I judged you wrong and you seem alright. I guess maybe we could find better ways to express our differences. The sparring sounds good yet I'm almost 2,000 miles from California. When I was in the Air Force there was quite a few people with different fighting styles who got together and we sparred.

          I learned alot about different styles there and would like to get involved in something like that again.


            Drunkenj, your right. I wish TMA's would tell you to do a lot more physical conditoning. I don't play with nunchucks though, I bust out my weights 6 nights a week.
            I do believe that you have to be strong to win a fight and a skinny little punk who kicks and yells KIA is dead meat.

            Now I never said that I could use pressure points and brute strength to stop a takedown.

            I did say I can punch someone who is attempting to take me down, and use my strength to use his momentum to take him down. I don't know enough wrestling to secure a hold beside a choke hold. I would like to learn a couple of wrestling/grappling moves for that situation.

            I have said do bodybuilding to make you stronger to get out of a hold. That was advice to anyone who knows how to get out of the hold and who could be more successful at it if he was stronger. That was advice for TMA students.

            That has to make sense to someone. I hope so.
            If not then correct me, please.


              Much of the reason grappling beats traditional striking in a ring is that the entire format of the contest gives an advantage to the grappler,
              No way, I just got done watching 'Cradle 2 the Grave' and Jet Li beat something like 8 MMA guys all by himself using TMA in a UFC style bout. One of his victims was UFC champ, Tito Ortiz.


                Sarcasm, from KFss ?


                "I have the power!" - He-man. The most powerful man in the Universe.
                (Short, sharp and to the point. Redefining the quotations of heros.)


                  blue-dragon : Peace, man. And welcome to Bullshido.

                  I remain, Hapko3


                    A bunch of Kenpo people on martial talk are having the same discussion.


                      Damn straiggt.

                      if i end up in afight,I'm not holdig anything bsack... Any wrestling faggit lookig to tak me on is goig to run into an ipenetrable wall of bo staves, sai,numbcucks, pressure poimps, what have you. THe STREET isnt lick sport mma mma, ther are no riles!.!!


                        Originally posted by silentpain View Post
                        This is only a question ive wondered about for a while now.If you learned and train a traditional martial art,which also includes weapons,why would any of the traditional martial arists go fist to fist with a more powerful(muscular) oppenent?Isnt that wasting half of your training?Most wrestling,BBJ,and other gyms dont teach how to defend half of the weapons we use.Screw being nice,if i had to fight im bringing my weapons.There are so many things than would give such stylists a really hard time.Swords,spears,hell even butterfly knives.Why fight fist to fist?So why do all the TMA's try to justify they can beat a stronger hand to hand system,screw it,use your damn weapon training.It sure worked on the battle field.
                        Somebody please make a journal about this guy and his grand adventures trying to start fights with other styles to prove he is better.


                          Mother of all Necros


                            Originally posted by Caelensis View Post
                            Somebody please make a journal about this guy and his grand adventures trying to start fights with other styles to prove he is better.
                            Nice necro, phaggot.



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