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    Ontario MMA association

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    Dear all residents of Ontario,
    The time has finally come where you can make a real difference in helping bring Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) to Ontario! If you are a resident of Ontario, you can join the Ontario Mixed Martial Arts Association (OMMAA) by completing this online application:

    OMMAA's initial goal is to bring Amateur MMA to Ontario within the next 18 months. Our longer term goals are to grow Amateur MMA across Canada and to help facilitate the sanctioning of Professional MMA in Ontario.

    Along with several other recognition obligations, the province requires us to have a minimum of 200 members. With your help, we hope to far surpass that number as the size of our membership will, to a certain extent, determine how loud of a voice we can speak with.

    Consequently, the greater our numbers, the more likely we are to achieve our goals, described above.

    If you wish to compete yourself, please select the "competitive membership". If you train, but do not wish to compete, or if you're solely a fan of the sport, then please choose the "recreational membership". As a recreational member, you will be entitled to discounts on all OMMAA events and merchandise, along with other special offers.

    OMMAA has decided there will be no membership fees at this time. As we get closer to receiving recognition and as our expenses continue to grow, we'll then begin to charge a very reasonable fee.

    We hope to have your support!


    Terry Riggs, Marco Antico, Joe Ferraro and Carlos Newton on behalf of the Ontario Mixed Martial Arts Association
    Please ensure the accuracy of your information

    The information you enter here will be provided to the Ministry of Health Promotions.
    Please ensure that this information is accurate as it may need to be verified by a government official.
    About OMMAA

    OMMAA is a Not-For-Profit Company seeking sport recognition status from the Ministry of Health Promotion.
    OMMAA's purpose is to increase the level of participation of Ontario residents in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

    Nice! I signed... as a competitor. I'm gonna get rocked.



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