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Looking for a good school in Toronto

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    Looking for a good school in Toronto

    I searched 'toronto school' and 'good toronto school' and couldn't quickly find any posts, so here goes (if I'm in the wrong area or missed the info, yell at me and point me in the right direction):

    I'll soon be moving back to Toronto for school (as in books & pencils & stuff) and I'm looking for a good MMA school (as in fists & takedowns & stuff). I have trained a little bit in the past, but likely the schools were mostly wastes of time (except maybe Judo when I was a kid, and I don't remember most of it). I'm 32 and in pretty good shape (I've trained on the crossfit program for at least a year consistently...still do heavy bag training from time to time). I want to get involved in a good school and spend a few years at least learning how to fight properly. I'm also seriously lacking in contact sparring and would like to try competition if things work out ok. I'll be living in the College/Bathurst area, but the location of the school is not a big deal, as long as it's not in Mississauga (kombatarts is out, unfortunately).

    I'm open to just about anything, but I'm mainly interested in looking into MT, BJJ, sambo, submission wrestling or boxing. At the moment, my biggest interest would be a school offering both MT and BJJ in an MMA-type combination.

    If anyone has info, numbers, advice, etc, I'd be grateful


    Can't recommend anything specific, but I was just in Toronto in November, and there are MMA places advertising everywhere.

    You'll find a number of places to check out. Hopefully, you can review one or two of them for us.
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      I give you the only school in Toronto with a professional MMA team:

      Shah Franco Martial Arts
      3385 A Yonge Street
      Toronto, Ontario, Canada
      M4N 2M8
      Phone 1-416-256-9952

      We also have a smaller program at U of T.
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        Toronto BJJ?

        I've been looking at Toronto BJJ too. Anyone know anything about them?
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          Its to bad your not stayin in Ottawa, we've got a whole slew of awesome schools (Sambo, Boxing, MT and BJJ) all along and around Carling.


            Toronto BJJ is very good. They had Wagney Fabiano teaching there but I think he left.

   is excellent but in Mississauaga

   is an affiliate of Kombat arts and is excellent.

            Where abouts are you looking?


              Go to that Systema one! Systema has strikes that make you happier.
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              -A.J. Newton, Boxing.





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