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A victory for all of us

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    A victory for all of us

    Haven't posted in a long time, but I figured you guys would want to hear this.

    Since my freshman year of college I have been trying to start a mixed martial arts club at a satellite campus of Penn State. I started posting a while back looking for people to help me with research and more detailed information to address risk management concerns.

    You guys were very helpful, between occassionally calling me a retard. And you gave me a good base for explaning risks within the sport, looking up local instructors who were willing to help out, and generally handling the information side of getting a club started within an organization who's primary concern is getting sued. Well, its my senior year now, and lots of outside training (though not as much as I probably should have), a little throwdown attendance (because I just like you guys so much), and countless hours of fighting with paper pushers later, Penn State is paying a BJJ instructor to come down and teach.

    I'm still working on getting some more intense striking training allowed. Maybe even getting a kickboxing coach in as well. They're still resistant but we got our foot in the door. And I think you guys are responsible for getting us started.

    So, thanks guys. Bullshido wins again.

    Well done. When you guys get up and running, get in touch with us at the Columbia club some time. We've had a lot of fun with training and competition with Rutgers, NYU, and Yale (and one guy from West Point). I hope the Penn bureaucracy is easier to deal with than ours.


      actually, i could use some pointers on this... i want to start a bjj club at the New School.


        Awesome work! Keep fighting the good fight.


          Originally posted by vinhthekid
          actually, i could use some pointers on this... i want to start a bjj club at the New School.
          I almost succeeded in getting a grappling club started at my old college. I had two BJJ purple belts and a 2nd Dan judoka signed on to teach, but then the TKD club felt threatened and caused new rules to be made that made this impossible.
          "No. Listen to me because I know what I'm talking about here." -- Hannibal


            I'm trying to get a BJJ or MMA club started at Princeton. I could also use some tips on convincing the administrators, considering how wary they are of kids getting hurt. Any advice?


              Originally posted by Garbanzo Bean
              I almost succeeded in getting a grappling club started at my old college. I had two BJJ purple belts and a 2nd Dan judoka signed on to teach, but then the TKD club felt threatened and caused new rules to be made that made this impossible.
              Gasp! That's terrible. Free Market!


                Hey, glad I have a lot of time to kill this weekend.

                Advice on how to get a club started:

                Well, first up, you need to be persistant. Very rarely will the rules of a university directly prohibit active training.* But, if it's an activity administrators are wary of they will give you the run around a lot. So you have to be willing to run through hoops.

                *Penn State has actually put forward a directive banning all MMA competition within the university. However, the ban was poorly worded based on a lack of knowledge from higher-ups. The ban was actually against "UFC," illustrating a lack of knowledge of the difference between a sport and a venue. So, we changed our name from MMA to simply "martial arts." We don't practice anything by specific UFC rules but do practice standing and ground. Even when it seems like the rules are specifically against you you can package what you do in a way that doesn't violate policy.

                Make sure you have interest. I mean people who really love it. If enough students want it bad enough, you can make just about anything happen.

                Be cordial to the administration. Don't give them a reason to want to shut you down. Be nice, but be ever present. Don't give them a reason to (overtly) dislike you or a chance to ignore you.

                Umm, if people who were asking for pointers could tell me specific issues they've been having maybe I could be more helpful.


                  Ok, thanks for the response, I have a couple more specific questions:

                  1. Would you suggest trying to start a BJJ or MMA club? I think I would prefer having the MMA club, but it might be easier to shoot for the BJJ because we've got a great gym close by, and it wouldn't seem as "dangerous" to the administration as BJJ.

                  2. What tournaments are run by colleges for BJJ or MMA?

                  3. Pojac mentioned a few, but what major universities run BJJ or MMA clubs? Any Ivy Leagues aside from Columbia and Yale? (Princeton's particularly stupid about this.)

                  4. Do you know of any scientific studies done on the safety of training/competing in MMA or BJJ? I've been mainly relying upon studies on judo and wrestling, but the counter-argument given by the administration runs something like, "Brazilian jiu-jitsu doesn't sound like judo or wrestling, that means they can't train the same at all. Besides, wrestling isn't a martial art...."

                  Thanks in advance for your answers.


                    Well, still up so might as well answer.

                    Shoot for BJJ first. You might not want to name it as such to lock it down, because after some success you might want to expand. But grappling is always an easier sell than striking.

                    Wish I knew more about the tournament circuit on campuses. We opperate internally right now. Compitition against other schools would be awesome, though. We could generate some revenue.

                    Not an Ivy-League man, myself. Snide bastards turned down my application. You probably know just as much as I do about that.

                    If you have a subscription to the following internet databases look for scientific study there:

                    Journal of Kineseology
                    Lexis Nexus- the one that deals with science. There are a bunch.

                    I had the easier time of pointing indignantly at the Rugby team. A sport with a much higher injury rate. You might not be able to do so.


                      Excellent work.


                        It is quite ridiculous how much universities seem to be against setting up new clubs.

                        Queen's University Belfast already has at least 10 martial arts clubs, including a judo club (and the quasi-RBSD psycopath tai-jutsu club) and yet despite trying to set up a BJJ club since around april (or possibly earlier, some of the students who have been in the uni longer are handling it) we're only just at the stage of a vote being taken now. This despite BJJ being essentially safer than Judo and 80 students expressing interest enough to sign their names and give an email contact when we were standing in the student's union for just one morning.

                        Looks like my eventual dream of having an MMA club may have to wait...


                          Heh. Princeton's in New Jersey.



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