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LAST DAY TO ORDER SHIRTS! I want a Bullshido Shirt.

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    LAST DAY TO ORDER SHIRTS! I want a Bullshido Shirt.
    I do, if we do this thing I'll paypal $25 in the next 10 days
    I post at MAP and point spar.

    The poll is expired.

    Originally posted by johnny3443
    I have money. -john


      Yeah I want one too.... see but, I'm kinda in another country altogether, so how possible would that be exactly?


        We can ship to other countries, if you pay extra and are extremely patient!

        Working on the shirts and such now.


          I want one too but I want to lose about 40 lbs before I buy one.

          How much are they?


            hecks yeah! Maybe this way I might even attract a Canberran or two onto the site, lord knows our McDojo-filled city needs it.
            Though I too am in the position of wanting to lose about half my body weight before I try sliding this christmas ham into a sporty shirt


              The one in my avatar sold for like $30 because it had overhyped "dry fit" synthetic material that was basically just fancy t-shirt material. If we can get our site up soon, we'll be offering them at a much more reasonable price, along with actual rashguards too.

              Otherwise, I'll have to gather up some funds to buy the shirts up front and then resell them.


                Can we have the option to pay in real money like we do for supporting memberships, but don't for name changes?
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                  Just expressing my interest as well Phrost.. Let me know how much and when and I'll have a couple.

                  Special request tho.. I'd like mine to additionally say

                  "I larp like a motherfucker"

                  Thank you (lol)


                    Phrost, do the shirts have additional long sleeves, or are those just really pale forearms / something extra you're wearing underneath?


                      I'd like one too, is it just t-shirts or will there be a range?


                        I'd also like one or a few, especially if they were rash guards. I love me them slippery-smooth shirts...


                          Working on this. Not sure if they'll be available by xmas but I'll try.

                          We do have the option of doing a big pre-order thing like last time where you pay the money up front, we order the shirts, and when they come in we ship them out to you.


                            Originally posted by Phrost
                            We can ship to other countries, if you pay extra and are extremely patient!

                            Working on the shirts and such now.
                            Patient, I am so patient I'm still waiting for the two I paid for from the last order.

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                              What/?? You're kidding right? Holy shit I thought you'd gotten those.

                              This is why I hate being involved in the shipping/handling part of the deal. I have no idea what to do when shit like this happens.




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