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    Stinky Gi

    I'm a bit new to the whole gi can someone help me out?

    Every night right after class I throw my gi into the washer. I take it out of the washer, and throw it into the dryer.

    After it is done drying, I line dry it to make sure it is completely dry (especially around the collar).

    Despite the above attention, I still have a slight smell of mold in the collar of my gi. It is not as bad as the mold smell from many of the guys I roll with...but nonetheless it bothers me.

    Is there anyway to prevent this?


    Dude, you are putting your gi in the drier???? Oh God, why????? Do you want that shit to shrink to midget proportions???

    Ok, get two gis so that you can use a clean one while the other one is drying - yes, you wash it and you hang it to dry rather than putting it in the drier.

    As for the smell, my suggestion is to do the following: wash the gi as usual and let it dry well. Once dry, dip it in a mix of hot water and vinegar and let it soak for a few hours, overnight if needed. Rinse it, and dip it again, but this time in water and sodium bicarbonate, plenty of sodium bicarbonate. Again, let it soak overnight if necessary.

    Rinse and hang it to dry. That's one way to remove the smell of mold from white (or color safe) clothing. Most likely it got that smell from not washing it immediately and leaving it in a humid environment.



      Thanks for the advice.

      It only shrinks on the first wash...and now it fits perfect.

      Are there any other reasons why I shouldn't put it in the dryer?


        That makes sense.



          Yeah even bullet proof gold weave will break down in the drier. Mine won't shrink any more (trust me my girlfriend tried) but I still prefer it air dried. Try adding a bit of Oxy powder to the wash when its in there. It sort of works a little like bleach without breaking down the fabric. I also add a little bit of fabric softener to the wash as I prefer to smell snugly soft when I roll.



            What El MAcho said is right. My mother in law told me to wash it in cold water with white distilled vinegar. This was for my TKD Gi/Dobaks whatever. Then soak it and wash it again if it smells real bad.You have to wash that shit pretty soon after you wear it.


              fuck line drying, and fuck those reeking line dried gis. wash and dry the hell out of it like god intended, and buy gis that will shrink to fit you.


                Febreeze is your friend. Lay your gi out on the floor and spray the hell out of it on both sides. Rinse and repeat as necessary.


                  Get more then 1 gi, line dry (only use the dryer if you need is dry asap).


                    Febreeze Anti-microbial...the one with the orange cap...

                    I machine wash, then hang-dry my kimonos (I have two, one's in use while the other is drying)...once it's almost dry and it smells kinda "weird"...I just give it a quick spray with some of that Febreeze and it's good to go once it's completely dry...

                    As an aside...isn't vinegar an acid?...and wouldn't that break down the clothing fibers also?


                      Kimonos? You must be joking.


                        I've noticed that ever since I've switched to a 3 gi rotation (with washing), my gis don't have the stinky problem anymore. I've heard other people suggest freezing them to kill the bacteria, too...


                          1- get more than 1 gi
                          2- wash in cold water with anti-bacterial laundry soap and laundry ammonia
                          3- line dry
                          4- tumble dry for a touch-up with a fabric softner sheet if needed

                          and fabreeze is your friend in the short term


                            No experience with gi care, but gotta recommend the Febreeze also. It got puke-smell out of my car seat cushions, I'm sure it can handle sweat and mold.


                              Originally posted by Southpaw
                              Despite the above attention, I still have a slight smell of mold in the collar of my gi.
                              Consider washing your neck.




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