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    Originally posted by Southpaw
    I now smell snuggly.
    Prove it... :icon_lol:


      Originally posted by sheltrk
      When I work out at the dojang, I sweat more than should really be legal--a lot more than anyone else I train with. Especially in the summer, as the wimpy little window AC units can't really keep up with the heat load... (TMI aside: I think it might be a side-effect of one of the meds I'm on, but I compensate by drinking a lot to stay hydrated and keep my electrolytes balanced.)

      Anyway, I always throw my dobok in the washing machine as soon as I get home (10-15 minute drive). I use the "warm"/"warm" setting. Afterwards, I toss it into the dryer on "low" heat until completely dry. I've never had any trouble with either of my doboks getting messed up in the dryer, and they always smell good after washing and drying. My heavyweight Adidas dobok (cotton and polyester) has been cycled probably a couple of hundred times with no damage. My lightweight generic student dobok (also cotton and polyester, bought this summer) has been cycled dozens of times with no damage. I've used both liquid and sheet-style fabric softeners.

      Now pit stains, that's another story. I've got some underam yellowing with both doboks. Not sure what to do there. I've used color-safe bleach, and it seems to help a little. I've tried scrubbing with stain remover, but it doesn't seem to help much. I've been told that chlorine bleach will turn them yellow, and I shouldn't use it.
      Wear a rash guard or t-shirt under your gi, that kept mine from staining.


        Originally posted by JohnnyFive
        Bleach?! Bleach will kill your gi pretty fast.
        Depends on the gi.

        Try throwing some baking soda in the washer. Helps a lot.



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