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    Yes, showering before class works wonders. But it reduces the possibility of a 'stink submission', you know the ones where you smother your training partner with your rancid, hairy chest.




        GOD hissownself doesn't make a gi that will shrink to fit me, or I'd gladly use the dryer. I have to hang my gi in the laundry room now that it's freezing outside, and it takes forever to dry. I had to get a second gi just to be sure I'd always have one.

        What I need to do is lose enough weight so I can find something that's too big, dry it a couple of times, and then use a dryer forever after and screw "breaking down the fabric."


          I wouldn't mind getting a gi large enough that when shrunk fits me just the way God commands. But these puppies shrink differently from brand to brand, and even between brands the numbers used for categorizing sizes differ from one another.

          I rather just keep my gis like that than spending $45+ just to find the bloody thing didn't shrink enough or too much. I have one that shrank... too small for judo but good for bjj. Tiger Claw, the first gi I got when I first got into BJJ. It was an accidental dry-up, and I did notice that when I took it out of the dryer, a lot of fibers were, like, coming off the gi.

          Mind you, I put the dryer on maximum, BUT I decided never to do that again. Maybe some brands of gis can tolerate drying more than others.

          Hmmm, I never thought about using febreeze. Since I don't have a washer installed in my apt (and have to out and pay to machine wash my stuff... and I'm a cheap bastard), after every class, I take my gi and dip it overnight in water and vinegar as I mentioned before. In the morning I rinse it and let it dry.

          By the end of the week, I have all my gis "pre-washed" and ready for the washing machine on Sundays.. By doing the "pre-washing" I make sure I remove the sweat (and the vinegar kills most of the bacteria). It will not remove any stains or dirt from the mat, but it makes sure it removes the sweat (the most important step in keeping your gi non-stinky).

          I could do a real wash with soap and shit manually, BUT I rather not do it. If you don't rinse your gi well, you may end up leaving a bit of detergent in it which will stain it.
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            I have a drier that you can turn the heat off. I tunmble it for 100 minutes and it dries prety good. Does the tumbling tear up the Gi?
            My Judo Gi's I dried in a regular drier and they were ok. That was many many moons ago....I wonder if driers are made different?


              My approach to this problem is to buy multiple good quality but inexpensive single weaves and one gold weave for competition. I dry and periodically bleach the single weaves that I wear most often.

              I only have one gi, the previously mentioned double weave, that I won't dry. I dry the rest on the low heat setting in the dryer.

              Then again I have four gis because I buy the plain single weave Atama's and Kikskins. No patches.

              [rant] I'll be damned if I'm going to pay $40-70 for a few patches. [/rant]

              I bleach my gis every third or fourth wash with half as much bleach as you would normally use. I'm not too worried about the bleach destroying the gi as long as it lasts for at least two years. That's why I only buy gis that cost $60-80.
              Shut the hell up and train.


                One secret to keeping a gi fresh and minty is to not wad it up at the bottom of a gymbag for very long at a time. Throw it over your car seat on the ride home or something instead - if it starts airing out the minute class ends, it won't ever get that low-down dank.

                Man, this thread reminds me of a dude on my highschool football team who decided he wasn't going to wash his lucky t-shirt all season. After a couple months, it could actually stand up on its own, and eventually it got so nasty it actually cracked one day.


                  Aren't you guys afraid of washing all the chi out of your gis?

                  Sorry. I know. Saying stuff like that will only attract the LARPers.

                  I used to put an odour neutralising air freshener ('twas a Neutradol gel thingie) in my bag if I had to leave my gi in a bag for a couple of hours after training.
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                    I throw those little bags of dessicant that come in a new pair of shoes in my bag. People laugh, but I smell like a botanical gardens.


                      Originally posted by El Macho
                      I wouldn't mind getting a gi large enough that when shrunk fits me just the way God commands. But these puppies shrink differently from brand to brand, and even between brands the numbers used for categorizing sizes differ from one another.
                      Have you tried Toraki's Personal Gold? You put in measurements and they sell you the gi that would best fit you (mixed sizes and half sizes). Mine came out pretty spot on.


                        Originally posted by JohnnyFive
                        Have you tried Toraki's Personal Gold? You put in measurements and they sell you the gi that would best fit you (mixed sizes and half sizes). Mine came out pretty spot on.
                        Toraki Gis rock the party!

                        My new Toraki Jiu Jitsu gi should be here on Monday, I'm very excited.


                        THIS IS NOT AN EXIT

                        "Ladies and gentlemen, the pilot has instructed everyone to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up." Henry Rollins


                          When I work out at the dojang, I sweat more than should really be legal--a lot more than anyone else I train with. Especially in the summer, as the wimpy little window AC units can't really keep up with the heat load... (TMI aside: I think it might be a side-effect of one of the meds I'm on, but I compensate by drinking a lot to stay hydrated and keep my electrolytes balanced.)

                          Anyway, I always throw my dobok in the washing machine as soon as I get home (10-15 minute drive). I use the "warm"/"warm" setting. Afterwards, I toss it into the dryer on "low" heat until completely dry. I've never had any trouble with either of my doboks getting messed up in the dryer, and they always smell good after washing and drying. My heavyweight Adidas dobok (cotton and polyester) has been cycled probably a couple of hundred times with no damage. My lightweight generic student dobok (also cotton and polyester, bought this summer) has been cycled dozens of times with no damage. I've used both liquid and sheet-style fabric softeners.

                          Now pit stains, that's another story. I've got some underam yellowing with both doboks. Not sure what to do there. I've used color-safe bleach, and it seems to help a little. I've tried scrubbing with stain remover, but it doesn't seem to help much. I've been told that chlorine bleach will turn them yellow, and I shouldn't use it.


                            I use laundry detergent, two small cap fulls of bleach, cold water so as not to srink the gi and I make sure that it goes into the washing machine before I even jump in the shower. This way, while the water is running in the washing machine, I use the time to streatch. I also have 3 gi's and will be adding a forth and possibly a fifth. Like others have said, a single weave gi that costs only 65 bucks after shipping and whatnot. Having multiple gi's gives you a backup and actually allows you to go longer without replacing them, depending on how many times you are doing martial arts that require them. All in all, what everyone else said, I will be trying out as well, don't have the smell you are having because I wash my gi as soon as I get home.


                              Bleach?! Bleach will kill your gi pretty fast.


                                Thanks all again for your advice.

                                I picked up some scented fabric softener w/ Febreeze in it...and that has done the trick. The unscented softner my wife prefers wasn't cutting it.

                                I now smell snuggly.



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