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    Another new old guy...

    Hello all! I'm another guy who has been around a very long time, but it just now joining here at Bullshido. I am one of the pre-1000 user members at what is now, but I am not the moderator that runs the place over there. I post as ov1 at

    I'm a long time BJJ guy. I've only ever trained directly under Master Ricardo Murgel. I've also joined into a business venture with Professor Murgel, and we are moving him here to Atlanta permanently from his home in Brazil. Our task will be to set up gyms in quite a few places in the States, then internationally. We will start in Atlanta and in Florida at the same time, then Chicago.

    I'm also fortunate enough to be taught by Kru Kevin Jakubs for Muay Thai and a truly old school form, Muay Boran. I'm also fortunate enough to be working with Kevin in the same venture listed above with Professor Murgel.

    If you're on any fitness forums around the web, we may have run across each other, as I'm a mod on a few very large ones.

    I'll look forward to wading into the fray as soon as possible.

    Props to the Bullshido guys for making this place happen!!!

    Atlanta folks, I'd love to hear from ya.


    Welcome to Bullshido!


      Wade right in. You're unlikely to suffer the same baptism of fire as many members with those credentials. Unless it's all fake ;)


        LOL! Thanks I think!
        I do have to confess that I was a Pirate Master, then I fought some Ninja's and got whooped. Seeing that they were superior, I became a Ninja Master at a TKD school that had a class over in the Kroger shopping center. Then I found the alter of BJJ, and got my purple belt in 3 months because I was so good, and I'd already killed a bunch people like it was my job.

        I kid, I joke.
        Fortunately, I can be verified! I'm ov1 at, or you can email Professor Murgel himself!


          Welcome Brian!

          Alot of us cross post and read with Love the place. :)


            Welcome to Bullshido.



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