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Anime Fu Returns?

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    Anime Fu Returns?

    Looks like those crazy kids are back at it with their anime tehcniques.

    They've got a forum, too!

    I'm trolling them now. Thank you for giving me something to do while I can't sleep.


      1. 10/23/05 My first major experience with Ki happened about 4 years ago near the begining of summer. It was only about a week after I had learned the basics, and had just started teaching what little I knew to a friend and a cousin (probably two of the strongest in my "group" today), and they had both spent the night to continue practicing with me.

      After a while, they both got the hang of making Ki balls to the point that they no longer needed my help to walk them through it, and were working on perfecting the technique. I had already mastered this, so I was seeing how far away I could push my Ki to sense, and how wide of an area, and other stuff like that. I noticed a mass of energy, but I had been pushing myself for a while, and was not as focused as I would have liked to have been, so I could not tell where it was coming from exactly. I assumed that it was just one of the others' Ki ball. I relaxed my Ki, but could still vaugly sense something, and it was getting stronger. I thought that it was just one of their Ki balls getting larger, so I ignored it.

      Eventually, they both ran out of Ki to practice with and gave up. After my friend told me that he was also quiting for the night (my cousin had given up several minutes before), I noticed that I could still sense the mass of Ki, and it was still getting stronger. Thats when I realized it must have been something outside moving toward the house. Sense it did not feel particularly strong, I assumed it was just my cat. My cousin was next to the window, so I asked him to open it and see if the cat was outside.

      As soon as he did, I could feel what ever it was enter the room through the open window. I tried to sense where exactly it was in the room, but as soon as I found it with my Ki, it came straight at me, and went inside my body. When it first entered my body, I actually flew several inches above my bed as if I had thrown. It was as if it were trying to absorb itself into my Ki. This was a very odd feeling, and since I had only learned the very basics of Ki a week ago, I had no idea what to do. I could feel whatever it was adding it's energy to my own, and it was overwhelming.

      Once it was finished, I felt like I had too much Ki. I tried to burn off some of the excess by making a large ball, but as soon as I tried to use any Ki, it started moving on it's own. I could feel my hand charging up quickly. As my hand charged up, I noticed that the majority of the energy was going into my pinky and ring fingers. I could not figure out what was going on, and it was starting to scare me a bit. After a minute, my pinky and ring fingers became stiff, and I could not move them on my own. Not long after that, they started to move apart on their own. It felt as if someone were pushing them apart, and I could not stop it. They continued to move apart until they could not possibly move any further.

      It was then that I noticed the extremely large amount of Ki between the two fingers. There was so much there that all three of us could easily see it. I tried to push the energy out with some of my own Ki, which did not have the effect I thought it would have. Rather than just dispercing the energy, my Ki seemed to act as a "trigger". As soon as I tried to push the energy, It shot out from between my fingers like a giant blade, or an unfolded fan. It continued in a steady beam for a couple minutes, during which time I could not move my hand or arm.

      After the beam stopped, I could feel much more Ki inside of me than I had ever had up until then, but it was no longer an excess like before. It was as if I had been "charged" up completely. I looked at my wall where the blast had hit, and there was a streak along the wall that was much lighter than the rest. Over the years, the mark has faded a bit, but is still visible. I think what had happened is some of the energy stayed "bonded" to the wall, and gradually faded. I was not able to sense it before, but lately, if I focussed enough, I can sense a very slight amount of energy there. It is still a little bit different from anything else I have ever sensed, but I still can not figure out what it is that gave me that energy back then.

      For a long time after that, nothing like that ever happened again, and I still am not sure exactly what it is that did happen back then. I have many theories, but that is all they are at this point.
      raped by an ethereal ki ghost


        Man I have no idea how this happened or even how its relativly possible, but here go's. Ok today was the last day of homecoming and everyone was really excited because the school was funding its own private carnaval for the students "nothing special but it beats being in class". Any way I was in 3rd period and the whole class had to watch finding nemo the movie projecter "the school had a lot of fundraisers last year to buy one for almost every class". Well I wasnt going to just sit there and watch a movie about deformed fish and groups of birds that cant shut the fuck up so I decided to go into my subconcious to train with Yume. Heh i've been doing that a lot in school lately. Any way the training was getting really intense and this time I was fighting a lot better we were pretty evenly matched ,but dont get me wrong if she wasnt holding back she could anihalte me. Anyway I eventually decided that we had trained enough and we left the subconcious. Now heres the part thats still freaking me out. When I woke up I saw the my friend Erick. then I looked around and the whole class including tons of teachers and about two more class were all circled around me. Hmm how did I end up lying on the ground? Well anyway I looked a little closer "I forgot my glasses at home today heh heh ^_^" and everyone was really freaked out. I asked him what was going on and he said that I passed out and couldnt wake up. Well obviously this part didnt suprise me in the least, but its what she said next that really freaked me out. He told me that while I was passed out all of these people were watching me on the projecter fighting some girl. Now I just cant figure this one out. How could my mind get linked with the projecter with out my own intent and how could my thought get displayed as images in a digital projecter it just doesnt make any since. Im pretty sure that this was'nt caused by me and Yume thinks so too, so I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for a while. Everyone is really freaked out at school though the story spread pretty quick. Everyone except my friends are afraid to get anywhere near me. Man I cant imagine how scared they must be after seeing how i strong I was in the fight, but its not like im that strong in the physical world yet. As for the teachers they all know I'm really into computers so they just think that I rigged the projecter to display a pre made video. Yeah I guess it wouldnt be to hard to do that, but what would be the point its not like I have anything to gain from changing the channel. Well so yeah this was a really wierd event and Im a ki user so for this to seem wierd to me is a pretty big deal.
        five characters



          Oh. Dear. God. I don't even know what the fuck this is about but with words like "tradki" and "psychokinesis" being thrown around you know it can't be any good.
          Dedicated to legs and the disrespecting thereof.


            What we get for making science classes a "matter of opinion."

            AirmanKai? Offer these assclowns One Million Dollars which they can use to . . . I do not know . . . buy more crack or help an orphan or something . . . by sending them to JREF.

            Should be easy to win.

            Why yes, I still have sand in my vagina! It is because I am a lying cowardly child who got buttfucked by MEANIE Doctor X! I also do not know the Latin and it makes me cry!!--Phrost


              Damn, I played D&D in High School and wrote sci fi stories in creative writing class, but at least I knew it wasn't real. These kids make me feel pretty good about myself. They're like the Star Wars Kid of Anime. Or martial arts... no wait, the Star Wars Kid didn't really think he was Darth Maul. Meh, maybe these kids know it's fake but like lying to others, they're future Yellow Bamboo No Touch KO Pyramid System Bullshidokas.


                Y'know, Im a big fan of Qigong and all but I tend not to take the term Qi as some sort of mystical force. Usually when talking Qigong it's like "meditation is good for stress and classically speaking blablablaQistuffblablabla". That already sets off a lot of bullshit meters and red flags for any skeptic not paying attention.

                But this? This is total crap.

                However, at least before I got stopped going there I got one guy (KitKat) to stop trying to be Naruto and go learn some Kickboxing.
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                  Reading what little I had read was physically painful for me. I have no idea why. Maybe it had to do with the little story you put up with the 'ki charge'...anyway, once i'm home i'll have to take a visit to their forum.


                    Dear penthouse forum

                    I never thought this would happen to me but...

                    Maybe its just me but the quoted stories above seem like creepy p'house forum letters.

                    "...As soon as I tried to push the energy, It shot out from between my fingers like a giant blade, or an unfolded fan. It continued in a steady beam for a couple minutes, during which time I could not move my hand or arm...."

                    sounds like a teen metaphor for PE to me.



                      I'm having sex with all their astral girlfriends as we speak.


                        Originally posted by MEGA JESUS-SAN
                        As my hand charged up, I noticed that the majority of the energy was going into my pinky and ring fingers. I could not figure out what was going on, and it was starting to scare me a bit. After a minute, my pinky and ring fingers became stiff, and I could not move them on my own.
                        This dude is using 'the shocker' for ki???



                          Astral girlfriends need astral shockers.


                            Faith in mankind -5000...


                              Holy crap the forum threads are a god damn goldmine of's a great quote...

                              !!WARNING!! The original author of this material, only known as mysteryshadow, would like to let it be known that women are not to concentrate to ki into the dan-tien, the area 3 inches below the naval, because it can damage certain reproductive organs. Thank You
                              from this site


                              Kai, hows the tolling going? What thread are you in?

                              OH SHIT.....fucking priceless

                              Originally posted by losing limits
                              HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY IT. Ive already created a technique that lets you fly no problem. Just use the agility rush combined with the ki jets and thats all nothing more. SO FIRST OF ALL EVERYONE STOP ASKING HOW TO FLY AND SECOND OF ALL STOP TELLING PEOPLE THAT THEY CANT FLY, BECAUSE IVE ALREADY HAD THIS TECHNIQUE TESTED BY MY FRIEND MIKI AND IT WORKS JUST FINE.
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