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Great info here!-Thanks

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    Great info here!-Thanks

    Hello to all Bullshidoka... I've been reading many threads and posts over the last couple of weeks and there is really lots of great info here- Thanks to most of you :wave:

    I am new to MA- I have studied a little Arnis and now study TKD. Before you start destroying me, let me say that I'm happy with my choice and I'm not looking for validation from anyone. I see the value in BJJ and Grappling in general and would love to study some Grappling in the future. I do think that my TKD instructor wants to have a crappling class, and I'll probably attend for fun, but I'll make sure to seek qualified instruction when I get more serious about grappling. Right now, I'm 36 years old and fairly out of shape still. I work my ass off in classes and I've been lifting for about a year now and I'm just not ready, physically, to add grappling classes yet.

    I feel more alive lifting and studing TKD than I have in years. I wish I could have continued to study Arnis, but my instructor moved away before we really could get started. I live in Clermont, FL- any suggestions about BJJ schools in my area?

    Thanks again for all the great information- I have nothing to add besides being in driving range of Ashida Kim's lair (parents garage) so don't expect to see a lot of posts from me unless I have a question... Any advice for me besides "go fuck yourself and your TKD roleplaying" would be great!

    Originally posted by crottmayer
    Any advice for me besides "go fuck yourself and your TKD roleplaying" would be great!
    Advice? I think that is Standard Opperating Procedure around here.


    Wait...Ashida Kim lives in his parent's garage?


      :wave: Ah Grasshoppah, this be Newbietown. You safe here, since only mighty Omega has the licence of rectal welcome to newbs here.

      And welcome to Bullshido.

      Ps. Bullshidoka=One who practices bullshido martial art (as in no-contact folkdancing larptastic dim maktastic. Ok, you catch my drift)


        Thanks for the welcome, guys :-) Bullshidoka... got it... misuse of Bullshido-speak is nothing new in Newbietown, I'm sure.

        I was joking about Ashida Kim living in his parents garage, but didn't someone track him through his real name to an address here in Central Florida? I'm picturing him dressed up in his Ninja outfit chucking throwing stars at a picture of his mom in the garage and getting yelled at for not coming to dinner on time...


          GoldenJonas- any advice on a BJJ school in SW Orlando, Clermont, or Kissimmee (Disney area)? I'm in S. Lake County near US 192... Love to go check out a good school!


            Hmmm...your sort of in the middle between Orlando and Tampa.

            Orlando - you have two Marcio Simas schools, Gracie Barra, and the American Top Team school across from UCF that I go to.

            Tampa - you have Eduardo Limas, another Gracie Barra, and I think I read somewhere that there is a Royce Gracie affiliated school across the bridge toward Clearwater or something.

            I don't know of a BJJ school in the Clermont or Kissimmee area. BUT that doesn't mean there isn't one there, it just means I don't know of one so do a little hunting on your own.

            There are few guys on this forum who train at Gracie Barra Tampa (Aesopian being one of them) and I think a few of the guys who train at the Orlando Gracie Barra post here sometimes as well. Both myself and Anthony, one of the mods, train with ATT (Ricardo Liborio and Renato Taveres (sp?) or one of their certified browns or blacks like Paul Rodriguez or Din Thomas)

            I also think the head instructor at the Royce affiliated school has posted here as well.

            Search around and good luck.


              Thanks, GoldenJonas! I'll look on my own for a closer school, but I would prefer quality to proximity... UCF and Tampa are about an hour drive from me.

              Thanks again for your help!


                Government health warning:
                Frequenting Bullshido can seriously improve your martial arts.

                As long as you assimilate to BJJ immediately.



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