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    American Jujitsu?

    Ok theres this MMA school near where i live that i'm thinkin about checking out and it offers cornett AJJ (i kind of discussed this with phrost, but didnt go into any detail.) Could any of you kansas city area AJJers tell me a little bit about ajj, will i fit in, etc (i have 5 years of tkd experience i have denounced as useless in most situations and 4 months of jj experience)

    heres the school:

    john cornett is a pretty decorated fighter compared to others in the area i know of, so it must be fairly good.

    all the rest of you......:nobodycar i guess

    Honestly that depends on where you are located. AJJ is one of the best JJ schools around and does have good fighters. MFS has opened in Blue Springs, AJJ is teaching the JJ aspect of that at this point. Plenty of schools in the area, where are you located in the KC area? check out AJJ's website at for more information other than TrueFightFan. Hope that helps a little, didn't really answer anything, I'm pretty biased on the subject.

    Break it down like this, from personal experience:


    Local Fights-They can do that for you just make sure you fight people OUTSIDE of the AJJ affiliation (just about all the AJJ schools compete against each other, not a good thing)

    Amateur/Pro-Odds are you will be amateur for lord knows how long, which to a point helps you but helps promoters more than it does you. If you go pro, fight outside of the KC area and get a manager outside of the AJJ system but still work with AJJ for your training.

    Know that you will need to really step up your cardio and training outside of AJJ. Sprints, weights, work more standup, work more ground cannot make it on "class time alone" The school is packed with fighters so you have plenty of sparring partners but need to ask yourself what level are they at? Pro, amateur ?

    Decorated fighters can be "made" depending on who they fight, who the promoter is and what fights the promoter lines up for the fighter. I have nothing but respect for Cornett and think he is a good guy, never seen him fight, never trained with him, I was gone from the organization (headquarters) before he really started training so I CANNOT COMMENT on Cornett's fighting abilities, I am strictly commenting "in general".

    Does that help at all?


      John Cornett hits like a truck. If you're in the Kansas City metro area and you're not training at an AJJ school, you're not training.


        Wouldn't exactly go that far with the training comment. I'm actually training harder dealing with MFS than I ever was at AJJ. Even though AJJ is now teaching some with MFS I still deal solely with MFS affiliates, but that's my personal choice.

        I think that says the same for other people as well. I honestly think it depends on your trainer. If your trainer is a motivator and really believes in driving you on top of the personal drive you have, you will train harder. If the trainer just says here, try this move, roll and see if you can catch it, oh and you're on your own for training and doesn't really set anything in motion for your outside of class times, then yeah, you won't train worth a crap.

        I know on a personal level that I have pushed myself for months and months in the gym, training mma and dieting and I can only push myself physically and mentally so far ON MY OWN. When i start to slow down, that's where the trainer kicks you in the ass and gets you moving and back on track.

        Like I said, is AJJ good, yeah, hell yeah they are, spent too many years there to say otherwise. I personally do better though with one on one work in certain areas and AJJ for me was too packed last time I was there. I am happy to have the one on one or one on a few people to deal with at this point but WILL NEVER TAKE AWAY anything that AJJ does or can teach you, they have ruled KC for too long in competition for anyone to try to take from their accomplishments.


          I don't know anything about the MFS folks here. As I understood it, it was a combined MFS/AJJ school.


            Honestly it was just MFS. AJJ came in to teach the grappling aspect of it. MFS was actually running for a couple of months prior to this. Ettish and Imes were those to be the certified instructors for MFS (according to MFS website they were those listed) Kimmons actually went through the training at the same time.

            Extremely simplified, I'm sure much much more in depth but nothing that I care to jump into, I've got enough to worry about with training than to deal with the stress of politics
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              You will fit in. Start with a beginner's class and move up to the fight classes as you feel ready. You'll be fine.
              And lo, Kano looked down upon the field and saw the multitudes. Amongst them were the disciples of Uesheba who were greatly vexed at his sayings. And Kano spake: "Do not be concerned with the mote in thy neighbor's eye, when verily thou hast a massive stick in thine ass".

              --Scrolls of Bujutsu: Chapter 5 vs 10-14.


                Originally posted by TheGoodRev
                Honestly it was just MFS. AJJ came in to teach the grappling aspect of it. MFS was actually running for a couple of months prior to this. Ettish and Imes were those to be the certified instructors for MFS (according to MFS website they were those listed) Kimmons actually went through the training at the same time. AJJ is now combined with the MFS school in Blue Springs since that point but if I recall correctly were talking prior to that about teaching the JJ there.

                Extremely simplified, I'm sure much much more in depth but nothing that I care to jump into, I've got enough to worry about with training than to deal with the stress of politics
                So Fred Ettish lives in Kansas City now? Weird.

                I didn't know there was any politics involved, just an innocuous unresolved issue of how to position either "brand" (AJJ & MFS).

                Either way, Steve Crawford has been MMA in Kansas City for 10 years now. If AJJ is teaching the jits there, then what are the MFS guys teaching? Kickboxing? Should get Steve's input on all this.


                  That I don't know for sure, I know they do have a kickboxing guy, a boxing guy, AJJ doing JJ and such. What I call politics is basically stuff that "i don't care to be involved in" haha. Behind the scenes decisions and stuff just isn't my thing, never has been, I'm focused solely on training or teaching, at this moment it happens to be training. I cannot disagree with Crawford being MMA in KC for 10 yrs now, nor do I care to, AJJ has been on top in MMA and grappling in KC since at least 1999 when I started with them and were already winning events at that time so I would say roughly 10 yrs sounds good. I've never taken a damn thing away from AJJ and never will, AJJ is very good with technique, dominate locally and have put someone in the UFC.

                  Like I said, personal choice for me was dealing with MFS, I have a coach that really pushes me harder than I have been pushed and that's what I need, some don't need that. Smaller environments are what I deal with better in training, AJJ used to be smaller, now, "they are the place to be" and they are packed full of fighters, all of which are good, but personally I deal better with more personalized training. That's just me but nothing but love for AJJ and my fellow guys there, always in my heart and I'll go to lunch or dinner and BS with any of them even though I don't train with them right now, all still good people. Sorry guys, short on sleep, gotta fight Friday night so my mind is racing 1000 miles an hour.

                  Basic idea: AJJ has tons of good fighters and a tried and true record, at least check them out and see if they are a fit for you.


                    What's the Jiujitsu like at AJJ?

                    Do the instructors have any rank in BJJ?


                      AJJ is basically just no-gi MMA grappling: more of a blend of Judo, Wrestling, etc. We do have a BJJ Brown belt that trains at the school as well, but it's not BJJ specific.


                        When you had AJJ vs BJJ in area grappling tournaments I think AJJ came out on top but BJJ did win some matches and belts as far as grappling goes. When I was holding Grappling tournaments for CPW I think Ethan Day and Scott ??? can't remember the last name but was purple belt in BJJ and trained with AJJ for a bit after Montanha left KC. Both of them won their respective 4 man tourney's. Herb Dean won his tournament then beat Scott for the Superfight title (not really AJJ but listed as 2nd or 3rd degree black belt due to previous experience i am sure). AJJ and BJJ had a lot of draws on the shows that went to the time limit. HOWEVER, you can argue that BJJ is better with the gi, AJJ is better without the gi. That is how each trains. Guys that went against BJJ opponents on my shows...Travis Phippen, Rob Lilly, Herb Dean, Curtis Stout and I know there are a few more but those are the guys that stand out to me.

                        You also have to look at the 2000 Pankration games, nationals were here in KC, plenty of BJJ guys there competing plus the Pan Am's in California and World's. AJJ had 4 or 5 Pan Am gold's, 1 silver or bronze. 1 World title in Pankration as well. I think AJJ teaches guard escapes fairly well. Let's face it, you can learn everything out there and it can go to hell in a handbasket when you are actually trying to do it though.

                        I think if you are wanting to learn no gi for MMA, AJJ would be the grappling art I would go with.


                          Here is the most current info that I know on the MFS/AJJ thing. As of right now there is an MFS school in KC. Something happened with the MFS instructor and he was not there to teach class. So they are now doing just AJJ there. The Jujitsu that you will learn from AJJ will encompass al types of grappling that we found work best in the cage or street. If it doesn't work we wont teach it to a class, but if iis something that you feel you can pull off and want to learn it, we are more than happy to help you out. Come and try it out if in KC. Or feel free to contact me with any other questions.

                          Now for the GoodRev. I am sorry that you feel that you can not the type of work-out that you need at AJJ, but then again I believe that it has been a while since you trained with us. You know I mean no direpest to you in any way, we have known each other for a while. But I will say that things are nothing like they used to be when you came to class. Yes it is true that there are a lot of fighters at AJJ now, but by having more opportunities for them to come in and train, we keep the class sizes down. We no longer just offer 2 nights a week. We now have 4 nights a week, Sat, Sun, Mornings, all these things done to keep the personlized training feeling. Rev I am glad that you are happy where you are at, i wish you the best in your training, but if you get a chance come by and BS. I teach thurs at 8:30.... And Jobe is teaching the Blue Springs class.

                          "jiujitsu ate a morte!"


                            (just about all the AJJ schools compete against each other, not a good thing)
                            how is that not a good thing?


                              I am not trying to speak for the Good Rev., But I think I know what he means. There are quite a few schools in the area that boast of being MMA schools, but most of them will not compete. There are a lot of shows that we compete on that pits one AJJ fightr against another AJJ fighter. Sometimes it is difficult to go all out when you are fighing a fellow student/teamate.....

                              "jiujitsu ate a morte!"



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