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    Greetings from Oz


    Just wanted to briefly introduce myself.

    I'm a 32 year old American living as a permanent resident in Melbourne, Australia.

    My background, when I was in High School, focused on Taekwondo. I had a really good teacher in terms of seperating the bullshido sports aspects of Taekwondo with real self-defense. He studied other arts, like Praying Mantis Kung-fu, Aikido, and Ninjutsu, and incorporated that into our classes.

    A lot of posts here, I've noticed, like to rip on TKD. Most TKD teachers and schools are bad, but Taekwondo, the way I learned it, taught me awareness, balance, a great low side kick, and, most importantly, discipline. It can be a good martial art if you have the right teacher (you could probably say that about any art).

    Anyway, after Highschool, I partied a lot and turned my back on the martial arts. I would take an Aikido class here or a kung-fu class there, but I just didn't care anymore.

    A couple months ago, I came across Stephen K. Hayes' website with his correspondence course in To-Shin Do. I was skeptical, but decided to get the DVDs to practice in the park, as I really loved taijutsu when we experimented with it in my old TKD classes. I had even, back then, taken a day seminar with Doron Novon, which always stayed with me.

    My training partner (my girlfriend's brother), is a very talented Jeet Kune Do practitioner (Paul Vunak system). I show him the To-Shin Do, he shows me the Vunak stuff. I'm also cross training with a personal trainer for western boxing to get into shape.

    Anyway, that's what I'm doing now. I believe self-defense should be direct, efficient, and realistic. Ground fighting is very important and covered in To-Shin Do (heavily influenced by Brazillian JJ, it seems).

    I'm enjoying getting back into the martial arts, and a healthier lifestyle. I think this is a fantastic website, and hope to have some good discussions.


    G'Day, Mate!

    Go on ya for posting straight away!

    Keep all the Sheilas happy down there... and watch out for the Kiwi's, Cobber! They'll do strange things to your sheep! (joking)

    In all seriousness... welcome to Bullshido, Mate! I look forward to reading your input here!




      Howdy! I'm a transplanted american myself, so welcome to Bullshido.


        welcome and goodbye it seems


          Wow.....fastest ban ever?
          What they do?


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