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    Originally posted by maroli View Post
    actually, ajarn lek is the mcdojo master himself. Kruu Thong is who he claimed taught him, which is right, he was the only student of Ketr Siripatyai. Guess what, 'ajarn lek' learned from him for less than 3 years before running off to do thai art somewhere in the country. Kruu Thong gave only two teaching certificates, one to Kruu Preang, and one to another guy who teaches in Ramkamhaeng University. I defy you to find one photo or article with Kruu Thong and "Ajarn Lek" in it, compared to Kruu Preang who's appeared in numerous videos and magazine covers with Kruu Thong. Finally, how can an ajarn so fat show students techniques like 'mai pen' which requires above average mobility?
    Once upon the time, Kru Lek and Kru preang was used to teach in a same school, for some reason Kru praeng left and run his own school. The style Kru Lek teaches is all from GM Ketr Siripatyal. Kru Praeng is teaching the style of Kru Tong lo, the guarding posture is slightly different between two style, Kru Tonglo style is more like a regular muaythai boxing guard. Kru Tonglo shifted Chaiya style into a boxing style.

    Forget the certificate. The logo of BaanChangThai (Kru Lek's school) is the logo of the Kru Tonglo Chaiyarat camp. What do you think
    Kru Lek is fast, very fast indeed


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