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    Ok, this is my first post. My name is Fred, I am
    20, and I live in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.
    I just got enrolled in the Canadian military (hey,
    stop snickering!) and will be attending BMQ - Basic
    Military Qualification - on Sept. 11, 2006. I signed
    up for Infantry, Royal Canadian Regiment , based
    in Gagetown, Newbrunswick. I have been involved
    in MA for 11 years learning parts of 7 different TCMA,
    none of which have really worked for me. I had
    a full contact sparring match with a MMA friend of
    mine, and was so badly beaten I quit TCMA on the spot.
    Now I will wait until I am in the army to learn MA again,
    only this time something a little more practical and
    effective like Judo or Kickboxing.

    That's it. Please remember that rape is a social
    gaffe and would hurt my feelings, not to mention
    anus. :icon_rabb

    Welcome, of course I keep telling JKD Chick that we have too many Canadians around here. :)


      Welcome to Bullshido.


        Originally posted by Samuel Browning
        Welcome, of course I keep telling JKD Chick that we have too many Canadians around here. :)
        Canadians rock. especially their syrup, and japanese restaurants, and funny accents.

        when you sparred your buddy, did he knock you oot? ho ho
        Welcome to the Dark Side


          Ha! You think there are too many Canadians around here,
          huh? Maybe the army will send me to Afghanistan. Then there
          might be 1 less Canadian around...

          Running Dog, he KO'd me with a right hook over my pathetic
          "White Crane" straight punch - I saw stars and was completely
          stunned. He also kicked me so hard in the gut with a side thrust kick as I
          tried bow stepping forward that I tasted blood and had a massive
          foot shaped bruise on my belly for a week. By the way where do
          you live in South England? I just got back from 5 months
          in Hastings, E. Sussex.
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