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National Geographic Fight Science

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    National Geographic Fight Science

    On tonight... August 20th at 6pm and 9pm on the National Geographic Channel

    I sure hope they rip on ninjitsu...

    It is going to be a slobbering animu fanboy blowjob.


      I didn't even know there was a national geographic channel until now. I predict this is going to be like the XMA show made by discovery a few years back, but with more variety in styles. Hopefully someone will stick it on youtube or something of the like so I can get a chance to see (and likely laugh at) it.


        So far it isnt so bad, since they're giving props to Muay Thai and Boxing over other arts in the mystical "POUNDS PER SQUARE INCH" arguement.




            So far its been pretty decent. Stating the obvious, Boxer has the strongest punch... a Muy Thai knee is gonna hurt ya real bad. But that was only the first 15 mins, plenty of time left to ruin the show.


              Sofar it doesn't seem too bad. They are measuring how hard different styles can hit. The problem is that they are taking "best" representatives from each style to do it. Just that there is the huge variable that's fucking everything up. It was cool to see that the Muay Thai guy was measured to hit like a 35 mile car car crash with his knee.

              This seems to be better than tha XMA show they did a while back. (thank goodness!)



                would be nice to see a number on the knee. TKD making a good representation so far...


                  Rickson applies neck crank from reverse crucifix FTW... Enough power to break the neck!

                  So far this is about 100 times better than XMA.


                    staged fight gheyness..

                    Hitting the heavy bag with speed (but no power)

                    "Can a martial artist strike faster than a snake?".... LOL

                    Chinese Kung Fu.... Or Wu Shu / Shaolin: "one style famous for speed"... 4 times faster than snake strike! Wow!

                    But "hitting fast counts less than hitting first". In TKD point sparring (they fail to mention)... What about power?

                    Reaction time... four Light / Target mit pairs.

                    "The ultimate warrior still lurks in the shadows"... OH NOES TEH NINJA! OK it's getting worse.


                      Yeah the fucking Ninjer is the "ultimate" warriror!?!?!?!

                      I wonder how Rickson was handling that.
                      Xiao Ao Jiang Hu Zhi Dong Fang Bu Bai (Laughing Proud Warrior Invincible Asia) Dark Emperor of Baji!!!

                      RIP SOLDIER

                      Didn't anyone ever tell him a fat man could never be a ninja
                      -Gene, GODHAND

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                      The key to fighting two men at once is to be much tougher than both of them.
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                          Don't worry, not a real ninja... no tabi.


                            OMG teh deadly ninja. hahaha I liked when the muay thai guy tried climbing on those things and he closed his eyes


                              drunken boxing.... Oh god. "Provides better balance in a fight"

                              "Enter the ninja"

                              The ninja beats the muay thai guy in balancing on the plum flower poles

                              "The legend of the ninja's supernatural balance is fact"



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