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    New Guy Alert!!!!!!!!

    Hi All,
    Like to consider myself a traditional Martial artist and something of a historian.
    Am in the process of writing a paper on the influences of the Kojo Family on Okinawan has turned into a thesis and now evolving into a book and to be perfectly honest , may never finish it ,as I learn more it seems every day.

    Collect Okinawan Kata in various versions and am amassing more than my head can hold and still want more.Would really love ,for example to see the toon-ryu 's Nepai.

    There is no combat sport I don't enjoy , UFC,Judo,Kendo , Western Fencing , Wrestling , Boxing , Kick boxing(American and World Styles) Shootfighting , Arnis, andLove shooting sports, sporting clays and silhouettes.
    you name it . the only thing I don't really like so much is american sport karate.
    sorry , don't want to ruffle any feathers , but it's not for me .

    Love to discuss the history and science of the martial arts with anyone . Don't care what style or system you're from .

    Also anyone who would like to help a befuddled old man learn what all these cartoon thingies are would be greatly appreciated.

    I would like to end all of these posts with a pertinent quote , since there was no topic here I will go for a classical one so here goes nothing
    "You cannot teach a man anything , only help him find it within himself" --Galileo

    *pees on ground

    MY FORUM!!!!!!


    *Walks away.


      No we don't believe you little kiddie. Stop trying to be a punk you're not that cool.
      Why would I lie to a bunch of if that weren't so stupid it'd be funny.


        Come back when you take a real martial art kid. I don't believe you for a second. Biting lyrics, what a deuche.:ohyea7qh:


          2.5 years to black belt?

          How long did it take you to come out of the closet or are you still in there?

          "I live in LA" meaning you probably live in West Hollywood. Very misleading psuedonym, did your parents hate you all your life or did it slowly grow on them?


            I'm missing something...
            I think only idiots assume that someone who trains for the ring can't make the switch to the street as soon as things change. - dweidman


              If you're looking for your $3.50, I gave it to the Lochness Monster.


                Originally posted by MacWombat
                I'm missing something...
                Don't try to figure Mega out, he's quite mad you know.


                  Hi todekon:

                  Welcome to Bullshido:

                  We have a history section and if you do a search there is an old thread on Okinawan karate there, feel welcome to add new material.

                  Please ignore MJS, he's a 16 year old kid from California who is imitating Omega one of our professional fighters who may be along shortly.

                  Since he's ignoring the rule that only Omega is allowed to harass the newbies in newbietown I anticipate an enforced vacation from bullshido if he keeps this shit up.

                  Welcome to Bullshido


                    "Imitating" isn't the right word.


                      Welcome todekenkyokai. Like it was said, I'd feel the history section would be the forum of your favor around here. The others (Bullshido for outing frauds and McDojos, and YMAS for all around insults and well...YMAS discussion) I feel wouldn't be too much of your interest.

                      And MJS your mother is calling....just give me a few more minutes with her though.
                      Knowing is not enough, you must apply...
                      ...Willing is not enough you must do
                      ~Bruce Lee



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