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    Ashida Kim's New Webpage

    Check this out ...i got an email (though i really cannot say how i got into this mailing list) wich is somewhat interesting:

    "Dear Tom,

    Hey there! This is Anthony Fore, founder of Academy of Sorcery site....

    I just finished work on a NEW website, A couple of our members had expressed some interest in this shadowy art of self defense and self mastery. Thanks to their inspiration I think we've got a real winner I'd love to get your opinion on.

    Check it out:

    When your done, respond to me personally: [email protected]
    and give me your opinion. What did you like? What did you feel the site was lacking if anything? The #1 reason to check it out is because you'll find also FREE 5 Day Ninjitsu Training Course and some other great information on the Dark Arts as taught by Venerable Master Ashida Kim.

    Any insight you can give me would help me tremendously. Thank you!

    I remain,
    Anthony Fore"

    Its definetly him !! ATTILA THE KIM !! :))

    He teaches 'wall climbing' now. Is that teh d34dly parkour?


      lol you should see the "intelligence ENTERS your brain" quote... roflol. Now but seriously, this dude is out of his mind. AcademyOfSorcery ?! :) he is crazy... the line "i remain" ,since its so obvious, put his black-dragon-ass out from the shadows...


        lol,Snake Eyes. LARP much?


          Would anyone post this into the articles "menu" ? This is a must... yes people, the Kim of the Kims is back! :)


            i posted the article but... dunno why it hasnt been published [yet].I dont know the rules of this site regarding articles...


              The Articles/Reviews section linked to on the left?


                yep :P im too lazy to do it again...


                  All that goes into a queue. But those articles/reviews are more for editorial write-ups and various things, and not so much for "we just checked, yep, Ashida Kim is still a douche" kinds of things. Can you post the text of it here so I don't have to dig through the admin menus (I'm at a coffee shop right now).


                    Originally posted by Phrost
                    lol,Snake Eyes. LARP much?

                    edit: seriously though, that doesn't do much for their credibility. Not like they had much to begin with.
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                      edit: i said something totaly without sense...and stupid :) its 3 am here people... (no more text :D )
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                        1) The First Requirement is a Burning Desire to KNOW...

                        Here You'll Uncover the Ninjitsu Secrets of:



                        The 9 Black Steps

                        Brewing Poisons

                        Battlefield Hypnosis

                        Dim Mak

                        Death w/ No Traces

                        Dirty Secret Tricks

                        Escape & Evasion

                        Hiding & Invisibility

                        Lock picking



                        Mind Control

                        Ninjitsu Strikes

                        Poisons & Powders

                        Stealthy Maneuvers

                        Sentry Removal


                        Wall Climbing


                        And Much More...

                        How in gawd's name can there be more! You'd think that much information would make my head explode!


                        THIS IS NOT AN EXIT

                        "Ladies and gentlemen, the pilot has instructed everyone to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up." Henry Rollins


                          I was going to quote all the stuff in that email that made me pee my pants laughing, but I've run out of pants. I have to do laundry.
                          Monkey Ninjas! Attack!


                            Someone should mention the use of snake eyes to hasbro. It would be funny to see a huge toy company on Ashida's "Shit List"


                              Told my friends about this crazy ass stuff...and their number one question is: Who the hell falls for this shit anyway? Is there no grey matter in his students skulls?
                              I tell them to come here...can't save them but can still laugh at them.:profe:



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