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    Oh wow, I wonder how much cash the family made from this lovely, progressive, totally not virtue signalling Volvo ad. They must have rented out an actual MMA space to do the video because that looks nothing like her dad's ridiculous BJJ gym with children's play mats for a floor...


      Originally posted by Komal View Post
      Friends, I have just registered on this forum. I am from India. I would like to comment on the above art ACCS.

      This art is taught by UCCA Unarmed Commando Combat and CQB Academy, a duly registered charitable trust under Govt of India under PTA act 1950. The trust is made up of ex services high ranking army officers. It is headed by Dr. Deepak Rao, who also happens to be a CLET Certified Law Enforcement Trainer from ASLET, USA, a very reputable US LE organization keen on verifications. The secretary is Col BL Sharma, a well decorated ex paratrooper & SF.

      They mastered the art of bullshitting back then, notice the subtlety of the org being headed up by army officers, immediately followed up by Deepak's name, sandwiched between the claim and what I can only assume is legit army. There is no claim at that point, she hasn't said he is ex army, but the implication is as heavy as lead.

      It's quite ingenious.

      ASLET, USA? Is that a reputable org? I haven't seen this claim anywhere else, I can't remember anything being claimed about the USA, as I assumed he realised fact-checking is easier there.
      Originally posted by Devil
      I think Battlefields and I had a spirited discussion once about who was the biggest narcissist. We both wanted the title but at the end of the day I had to concede defeat. Can't win 'em all.
      Originally posted by BackFistMonkey
      I <3 Battlefields...



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