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    Originally posted by Ulsteryank View Post
    The police came back and said he has a history of mental illness, and violence. I saw footage from a neighbour's door cam where he was just relentlessly yelling like a schizo(Just noticed it's in the above link)

    Problem is, what do you do when they come to, after the choke, and start going buck mad again? Anthony was trying to control his hands, and his I think step mum got him a knife, so he was trying to control the guy's hand's with only one of his, holding the knife in the other, and then put the knife down, and continued wrestling with both again, so it's clear he's either not used to street violence, or genuinely didn't want to seriously hurt the guy. Otherwise, especially with his family in the house, he probably would've used the knife, and that's a question in a choke scenario, do you hold on to it longer than you should? Anthony said he didn't know what the guy had, so was just going to do what he could so his family could escape. Dude was willing to die.

    I remember seeing the same kind of door cam video I mentioned online where an old lady with a butcher knife in the middle of the night walked up to a stranger's door, and just kept trying to stare in the eye hole for an hour before walking off. That's some eery shit. In (pre-covid 19) work all of our customers that were robbed had it happen at this same time of night, and some of them were tied up, a couple even tortured, one an elderly lady on the same street as our work yard. They will even boil your kettle too to throw in your face if you come investigating. Pure scum bags. The laws are a bit different here to what you're allowed to do than they are in the States, and a gun threat isn't as high, but still these always seem to be people that society would be doing a lot better if they were no longer in it.
    You tie him up with his belt.



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