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The Rape of Claudia Doval

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    The Rape of Claudia Doval

    This is probably more of a MABS thread than a YMAS one, I just don't currently have the time or energy to curate a MABS thread so here it is . In a recent interview Claudia Doval claimed to have been raped by Ricard De La Riva. Here it in her own words at the 51min mark:

    That's intense, and a big deal if true. As an American, I'm big on "innocent until proven guilty", but of course all accusations should be fully and extensively investigated. This is also a great reminder that just because someone is good at a skill does not make them a good person.

    Exhibit A: the numerous members of team Lloyd Irvin, including the head coach himself, and all of their rape and abuse allegations.


      De La Riva's response:

      For the past 40 years, I gave start to a great history on the mats with a lot of teamwork, strength, determination, respect, character, and passion for Jiu-Jitsu, which got us united as a real family.

      There are over 80 De La Riva schools around the world and approximately 3 thousand students guided by me and by the other coaches associated with us.

      In all these years, my reputation was built on and grounded by ethics, respect, and commitment to all my students.

      As everybody knows, this path was paved with a lot of dedication and honor. I have always had a code of ethics, which has been respected by my family, friends and all my students.

      It was with perplexity and consternation that I heard Claudia do Val’s, allegations last Saturday – an athlete of De La Riva team for about 10 years. My family and I were surprised by this irresponsible and false accusation.

      For a while now, her statements do not live up to the spirit of this partnership that we are all so proud of, and reached its peaks over the past few days, revealing ingratitude to all the work, support, and coaching that were given in favor of her professional evaluation.

      In the past 5 years, Claudia has reached her professional peak, winning a lot of championships, conducting seminars, gaining great notoriety in Jiu-Jitsu world, which reflects, for sure, the great team and professional work that was done by the De La Riva family.

      It is important to say that in these times ruled by social media, as you all well know, any reckless statement can grow into epic proportions, having the power to irreversibly harm a reputation, since the mere allegation is enough to convict in the court of public opinion, without the opportunity of a counterpoint.


        Originally posted by Michael Tzadok View Post
        Even if he's innocent that rebuttal sucks ass. Talk about a self ass-kissing response. Personally I tend to believe someone more when they don't go to extremes in an explanation. "I'm so honorable that my honor sweats honor out of honor glands" fucking hell what a garbage response.


          There're two sides to every story, but so far, his is just, "I have a good reputation!" I watched that whole thing, and have to say I believe her. I could be wrong and don't know anything about either party other than their BJJ accomplishments, but she seemed pretty distraught there, with a lot to lose, and even putting herself in more shitty of a situation by living across from the gym.

          I've also learnt not to put people on pedestals as I've seen this kind of thing happen before. Luckily not with anyone I surround myself with, and a situation like this would make me change that if so.



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