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    The gym i train at is hosting a 24 hour grapplethon to raise money for a charity supporting wounded veterans. I am planning on taking part and am aiming to put in at least a 2 hour stint of rolling in addition to the classes i usually do. I was wondering if anyone on here had any experience with these sort of events and had any stories or advice they wanted to share.

    Yes. Bullshido member slideyfoot does these a few times a year. I participated in one myself years ago.

    Roll light and stay hydrated. We had a few people who tried to roll hard for hours and cramped up pretty badly.
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      I've never don't one of these but I did a couple 24 hour runs. The key to those is pace and hydration. You want to go hard at first and keep up with everyone but then after a couple hours you see those same yahoos walking. I would think it would be similar with your event.
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        Start hydrated and electrolyzed. This goes for any long term endurance exercise.

        Just drinking water can lead to electrolytic imbalance after a few hours which can make you as sick as not drinking water at all. All the fun symptoms of heat exhaustion.

        If you don't want the sugar from Gatorade, you can try Pedialyte or even just some potassium or sodium chloride in your H20. You can also try those "instant hangover" tablets they sell now, which are basically solid form of the same.
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          thanks for the advice guys, its much appreciated.


            Medical grade oxygen.

            But it really just pace yourself and hydrate. Gaterade is good too.

            Tell us is how it goes.
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              little update on the grapplethon. as a result of the current pandemic it has been indefinitely postponed. Hopefully once the situation changes it will be back on.



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