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Help on deciding on a MA.

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  • Agis Silverfish
    Thank you all.


    Wing Chun: crossed out.

    Your defense of the strategy of BJJ is very convincing.

    Pauli: I have been to the doctor, and I have become very good at 'listening to my knee'. The thing is that for me some exercise is better than no exercise at all. I have to keep my legs strong and flexible, but no kicks and no waist throws for me.

    My plan is to have a go at BJJ and see if I can do it. I won't strain myself. As soon as I get the basics of BJJ I'll try to learn to throw some good punches.

    By the way, what has Annatrocity have to do with my loony idea of no-kicks-kickboxing? :)

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  • pauli
    talk to your doctor, obviously, before doing ANYTHING.

    but really, if you've got serious knee concerns, and you still want to fight, there are worse choices than taking up good old boxing (or your somewhat annatrocity-esque kickboxing without kicking plan).

    and by worse choices, i mean everything else i can think of.
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  • Backdraft
    DO NOT do Wing chun. It blows hard. Totally worthless.
    I've yet to study BJJ, and thus can't answer on the topic of throwing techniques (though I've come to the opinion that the majority of BJJ players use wrestling-like takedowns and trips rather than throws.) but I know that BJJ always goes to ground.
    And going to ground makes more sense, since obtaining superior position and submitting the opponent is much more reliable than hoping one throw will knock them out.
    If you're knee injury really is that bad, I'd recommend against striking arts.
    Since it does sound like it really hinders you, my advice would be to get it seriously treated, surgery or whatnot. But that's just me.

    Welcome to the boards.

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  • Agis Silverfish
    started a topic Help on deciding on a MA.

    Help on deciding on a MA.


    I am not a native speaker, so please excuse the oddities of my posts. Thanks.

    My questions for you -so far:

    1) Wing Chun: From the SD viewpoint, what is better: To do WC or not to do anything at all?

    2) BJJ: First Question: Are there many waist throws? Second question: In this style, do you always go to the ground? It makes much more sense to me to let your opponent fly to the ground while you stand up.



    Thank you very much for your comments and suggestions.

    P.S. Don't pull your punches.


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