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First fight in a few hours

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    First fight in a few hours

    Little bit of background :-

    Kiddie judo (I looked fucking cute in my little white Pjs)

    a Year of Shotokan 13-14 (Proper "Street hard" throat punch numbnuts sensei)

    almost a year of Bjk (I still blush when I admit it)

    2 years of kickboxing which died a slow death when I had to stop sparring due to college (Also contained some dodgy shoot style stuff)

    Boxing sparring with some friends on & off (Very occasionaly)

    ........................... A long lay off

    A year of Capoeira (Just for shits & giggles)

    .......................... Go backpaking for a year & get fat on beer

    Spend 2 months in Thailand in a Muay thai camp

    .......................... Year backpacking oz (Sporadic training mostly on own)

    Back to Thailand & train for another 4 months

    Brings me to TODAY..

    I've got my first Muay Thai fight in 9 hours. It's 9 years (I'm 28 now) since my last " Smothered in pads, no lowkick" Light continous sparring points match.

    So I guess this is a kind of "Hello, I've been lurking here for a while & really like some of what I read & See here" , as well as something to do between adreniline fueled visits to the shitter.

    The only thing I've heard about my opponent is that he's had more than 5 pro fights (OH SHIT!), but I've got a 6 kilo weight advantage (PHEW)

    I'll post a video of the fight ( whichever way it goes) on you tube as soon as i can.

    Till then feel free to flame, fuck with, or generally trash me


    & thanks to the peeps on here for all the information & laughs I've had over the last few months of lurk


    Good luck and let us know how badly you beat him.


      Originally posted by Buffman
      The only thing I've heard about my opponent is that he's had more than 5 pro fights (OH SHIT!), but I've got a 6 kilo weight advantage (PHEW)
      man this sounds like one of those fights where they get some big honkey at a bar to fight the local champ cos its funny to see big guys get owned

      ...i mean, kick his ass man!


        Lost on points over 5 ...

        Honestly only have a highlights reel in my head of about 5 minutes total. My Kruu is happy with my performance against a more experienced fighter & I was back at training today with no signifacant damage (Apart from squishy shins) to start working on all the holes in my game.

        Haven't got a copy of the video yet, but will post it (no matter how shoddy it makes me look)

        & for Alex.... The fight was in Kawilla staium in Chiang Mai. Not sure what the actual weight disparity was (You'll see on the video) & his "more than 5 fights" turned into 10 when we got there. He was definitely not the local champ .... I just sucked more!!


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