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    Originally posted by The Cap View Post
    While we see how an illiterate pothead child might be inspired by the beauty of booj, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of evidence here. You have proof this trash is useful? Go ahead and share. Until then no one gives a shit what you think.

    Fuck, I just love this line so much that I had to give it second reading. Nobody believes that's all there is, everyone knows that's all there is. If there'd ever been anything else to it it would have been proven long ago by now. You want to believe that there are things that exist without any evidence? Then you better start accepting that leprechauns heat your oven and pigeons are hyper-brilliant super beings living in our cities to spy upon the most successful. Not everyone's going to be joining you though, we're not all that stupid. When all that the booj can demonstrate is the same non-functional crap you see at any pyjama clad mandancing lesson, it is not because they are disguising magical effectiveness as tripe. It is because it is the same crap as all the non-functional pyjama clad mandancing lessons.
    Cap you just don't get it... The fact that somebody in this site said a video looked ok for compliant stuff ten years ago and another video by the same people is totally buj like is proof that ninjas are real...

    Proof I tell you!


      How or why did this get revived?



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