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Smoking: why do many people smoke in MMA/TMA?

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    Ok buddy, marijuana smoke has never been PROVEN to be linked to lung cancer. Not to mention the fact that its not physically addictive. Weed should be legall and cigs outlawed, im pretty sure thats a flawless idea.



      same way heart attacks have been linked to genetics

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        Kittens: Yeah, I know how that goes. I quit smoking because of a stupid promise I made to my girlfriend at some point in time that I'd quit in a year. To be hones, I didn't even think we'd be together after the year, and didn't take it seriously...

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          It's interesting to note that the Japanese, as a society, smoke to the most excess, yet have some of the lowest rates of lung cancer worldwide. Must be something in the diet...
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            Smoking gives you just as much benefit as any 'sports supplement' you can buy off the shelf.

            So light up !

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              Ok buddy, marijuana smoke has never been PROVEN to be linked to lung cancer. Not to mention the fact that its not physically addictive. Weed should be legall and cigs outlawed, im pretty sure thats a flawless idea.
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                Large doses of THC (doses that would knock you unconscious) actually causes cancer to depreciate.


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                    I only smoke PCP.

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                      I smoked for years while doing MA. It never impacted my conditioning in the slightest. I could always outlast all but the truly superhuman. Everyone would always give me this line: "if you do this well smoking, then how much better will you be when you quit?"

                      Well a year and a half ago I quit. I didn't want to but my girlfriend made me. Guess what? Zero change in my lung capacity and conditioning. Only difference: I smell better. w00t. God I miss smoking. sigh
                      You might be missing something here. Stopping smoking shouldn't increase your stamina or make you more "healthy", it only prevents you from getting more unhealthy. The damage you have done by smoking is already done, stopping won't put in reverse.

                      The real question should be "How good would you be if you never STARTED smoking?"

                      This goes for most unhealthy behaviors/lifestyles. It isn't a matter of acute effects but chronic ones. And not the "chornic" you're thinking of, druggie.

                      Studies have shown that morbidly obese people whose health is in immediate danger becuase of their weight, generally are NOT any healther after they lose massive amounts. Once again it is a matter of the damage already being done. They are better off for losing the weight anyway because, once again, it stops FURTHER damage.

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                        I don't think I qualify as a SMOKER but I do enjoy a go cigar over a snifter of brandy every once in awhile.
                        Nothin wrong with that!

                        I occasionally enjoy some good ol relaxing mother nature's herb!!!!!
                        ...or that!

                        I only smoke PCP.
                        ...or that either! Errr, go easy on it though. Dissociatives (PCP, K, DXM) will fuck up your brain real nice in excess. NMDA antagonist neurotoxicity isn't fun if you enjoy the ability to form coherent sentences.

                        Seriously though, this is all about personal choice. Who gives a crap what other people do? I could care less unless it directly effects me (i.e. certain tweaking family members taking my shit).


                          I agree with Asia... Asia, what kind of cigars do you like? I love the Cohiba and Fonitage Villa (sp?).

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                          maybe he is afraid we will all realise he is an angry 4 foot midget
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                            punisher you have no idea what you are talking about. Lungs actually regenerate at an astonishing level. Go read some AMA reports. You do get it all back. And you can't compare health problems that are completely unrelated. That's just absurd.

                            Shut up and train


                              All I know is according to my doctor I still have lung damage from when my mother used to smoke constantly around me in places like the car with the window rolled up. At age eight, the doctor was convinced that I was a smoker and had the chest films to prove it.

                              Like you said, I'm no doctor, and maybe there is some "point of no return" and you did stop before irreputable damage was done.

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                                See? That directly effects you. I would make another conclusion about that situation, but I don't know if you'd be insulted by me hurling abuse at your mom.



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