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Smoking: why do many people smoke in MMA/TMA?

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    Smoking: why do many people smoke in MMA/TMA?

    I have seen a lot of MMA/TMA fighters smoking. Don't they know what it does to their abilities as an athelete? Or am I wrong?

    Do you smoke? If so, are yo MMA or TMA fighter? Why do you smoke?

    Just curious about this one. :)

    If you want to be a competitive fighter, then smoking is pretty much out of the question, unless you have superhuman stamina.

    But a lot of us do martial arts as a hobby, and are not willing to make certain sacrifices.

    I quit smoking a couple of years ago, but for reasons unrelated to martial arts.


      I don't think I qualify as a SMOKER but I do enjoy a go cigar over a snifter of brandy every once in awhile.

      Smoking I do feel is bad for you but it seems to affect pple differntly. We all know it causes cancer and that tobacco leaves have been tampere with to make them more addictice but it still pple do it. My unit, like many others in the military, has it share of smoker and dippers. It really hard to tell someone he should quite smoking and that its kill them when they have a score better on a PT test than you. I see guys that run 5 miles like the wind get done and they are not really winded then they go light up a cig. I don't get it.

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        I occasionally enjoy some good ol relaxing mother nature's herb!!!!!


          Yeah balloon, if weed was legal in the states and 1 company started to produce it im pretty sure they would be more wealthy than all of the cig comps combined. I have a theory that more people smoke weed than cigs. After all, cigs give you cancer!


            bah, most brands of cigs suck

            Hard work, Patience, Dedication.
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              "After all, cigs give you cancer!"

              Hey asshole, just on the off chance you were being serious, weed gives you cancer too. It really doesn't matter what type of smoke it is, smoke in general is bad for you, PERIOD.

              Ever notice you can't really use what I just did, the whole blah, blah, blah PERIOD thing, outside of verbal communcation. It loses somehting in print, because EVERYTHING is blah, blah, blah, period.

              Anyway, about smoking and athletes. Many people do things that will give them a short-term performance benefit but long term health problems. Even if there isn't really any phyisological benefit, there can be a psychological one.

              A friend of mine once told me that smoking increases you lung capacity and he would always smoke before a track meet. Never mind that you now larger lungs work less effciently and all that. All he needed for evidence was that his times were 5 to seconds lower when he smoked right before a race. Who knows, maybe it was all in his mind.

              Anyway, I don't see a lot of martial artists smoking, but I live in CA and it is almost illegal to smoke anywhere here now.

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                Most students and dans in my karate school are big drinkers. It seems pretty taboo in my ryu to smoke but I have met a few students who smoke all the time. I think there are a lot closet smokers.

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                  I am in Florida, so I see a lot of smokers here. And have noticed that many martial arts practioners smoke here. One guy told me he didn't inhale, just smokes because he likes the smell and taste of menthol. I understand that, because I too have always like the menthol smell.. Seems to open your sinuses and remove congestion.

                  Several people in my family smoke, and none of them have health problems. But, I am sure that something besides smoking always plays a role in smoking-related illnesses (i.e. obesity, poor diet, etc).


                    I am not sure about smoking. I don't know whether all smoking is bad or just heavy smoking. Like some of you've said, some people seem to be able to smoke without problems and others seem to get sick from just a puff of smoke.

                    I wonder if any of the top fighters in UFC or Pride smoke? Reason I am curious is I want to know how it affects MMA fighters and TMA fighters? Does it weaken their progress? Does it inhibit their ability to win fights? Hrmm.. I am just wierd I guess.. :) Haha


                      genetics, genetics.....

                      why do some old smokers live to 80-85?

                      Hard work, Patience, Dedication.


                        That must be it, PizDoff. Both of my grandfather's smoked since boyhood and they lived to be in their 90s. They were both good fighters too. My mother's father was especially a good fighter. He was about 5'7" tall, but he weighed 204lbs.. Built like a brickhouse. Didn't have any teeth left (lots of bar room brawls), but he was tougher than nails! ;) Hehe


                          Where in florida USAMMADude? I live in Broward and commute to Dade often.

                          Cast in the name of God. Ye not guilty.


                            I smoked for years while doing MA. It never impacted my conditioning in the slightest. I could always outlast all but the truly superhuman. Everyone would always give me this line: "if you do this well smoking, then how much better will you be when you quit?"

                            Well a year and a half ago I quit. I didn't want to but my girlfriend made me. Guess what? Zero change in my lung capacity and conditioning. Only difference: I smell better. w00t. God I miss smoking. sigh

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                              My brother was telling me that by the first week of Ranger training even the mormon folk were dipping (though the smokers had also shifted to dip), any experience with the like?

                              Also read an interesting report that the AF and Navy routinely provide pilots with amphetimines that are illegal to everyone else. Kinda scary.

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