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Training Every day, is it healthy and viable?

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    Training Every day, is it healthy and viable?

    I recently started training BJJ and am really enjoying it. For the past 2 weeks I've been training everyday for 1-3 hours 5 days a week. I figured in highschool the wrestling team trains everyday, the football team etc... so it wouldn't be too terrible an idea. Many of my classmates are surprised I go everyday and I'm worried I might be pushing too hard.

    I'm 19 and in pretty good shape, but I'm afraid 5 day training might cause harm. Does anyone have experience with everyday training and can give me some advice?

    PS: If this is a repeat, please link the thread I tried a search and got nothing.

    You question can be answered with another question: how do you feel?

    If you feel physically and mentally fine with training 5 days a week, then do it.

    If you're sick or injured, take a couple days off. It's important to be healthy when you train.

    Just make sure that your training doesn't get in the way of more important responsiblities (i.e. mealticket, paying bills, etc.).


      at 19, the biggest problem with training every day is burning out.


        So far burning out isn't looking likely, I still look forward to training everyday and giggle like a little japanese school girl when I roll. I have noticed some soreness and stiffness in the morning but it goes away as I get about the day so I guess as long as nothing starts really aching or losing freedom of motion I'll be Ok.

        One thing I forgot to mention is I'm only doing this for 4 months, when I get back to school I will probably not have time to train all the time (ha ha).

        I feel like this may be the last time in my life when I have limited responsibility and enough freedom to really practice 100% without many outside issues. I just dont want to hurt myself and waste 4 months recovering instead of training.


          Wrestlers and Football players have "off seasons" to recuperate and rehab the injuries sustained during the season.

          Rolling everyday does not provide your body enough time to recover from the hyperextentions, torn muscles, and twisted ligaments that are sure to come.

          careful not to burn yourself out.


            As long as you're not injured, getting enough sleep, and have a good diet there's no reason why you can't train everyday. If something is bothering you, let's say your right elbow or something, take it easy on that arm but you can still train other stuff that doesn't involve that injured limb. Though, you should give yourself a day off occasionally.


              hmm good point about off season, forgot about that. If I did 3 days off 4 days training, would that allow recovery time?

              When I did Tang Soo Do it was 2 days a week, but that always felt like too little. I swam every day when I was on the highschool team but thats pretty low impact and I doubt its applicable to something like Bjj.


                I think every other day is a pretty good regimen.

                Only pro fighters need to train every day, IMHO.
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                  If everything is feeling good (physically and mentally), keep it up. If not, cut back for a couple weeks. The more mat time you get as a white belt, the faster you'll "get it."
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                    Absolutely nothing wrong with training 5 days a week- you're not training for two of those days.

                    Avoid overtraining by eating healthy (and alot) getting lots of sleep, and taking the proper vitamin supplements.

                    Training 5 days a week will also be taxing on your muscles and ligaments, so be sure that you give yourself enough time to warm up prior to training, or else the injuries are more likely to set in


                      I'm always careful about warming up and taking care of myself (my parents are health nuts and it kinda rubbed off). Physically I feel fine although it does take me longer to warm up before training, thats probably just a result of my muscles not yet being used to working everyday, I haven't trained this hard since I swam in highschool.

                      I guess I'll keep up my current schedule and just take a 3 day weekend every so often
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                        Even training for fights I don't train every single day. When I did I found that my muscles were either stiff or sore or both. If you're feeling ok then by all means go for it but if you do feel fatigued then take a day off or train every other day. You can always go for a run instead.

                        I also find the supplement L-Glutomine a huge help in muscle recovery.
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                          I trained 5 days a week for around 10 months without any problems. Go for it. If you start feeling beat up take some time off.


                            Originally posted by rino86
                            I'm 19 and in pretty good shape, but I'm afraid 5 day training might cause harm. Does anyone have experience with everyday training and can give me some advice?.
                            I did the 3-4 hours per day 5-6 days per week thing in CMA/Kickboxing for about a year and a half when I was in my early 20's, and eventually my wrists gave out on me from all the bag work. Some people do this and have no problem at all. Of course your grappling work outs are going to be different. Also, I wouldn't trade that experience for anything, in fact I would have done it all over again even if there had been more severe risks involved. You are only that age once, and it's the best time to get as good as you can at martial arts (and in my case it kept me trouble as well.)

                            The main thing is eat right and take your vitamins, and take care of yourself outside of training. I think I would have lasted longer if I had paid more attention to this side of it.


                              did i miss the bit where 5 days a week became every day? i know lots of people who do this. you have 2 days off, it isnt a big deal



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