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barracks fights (and how they went)

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    barracks fights (and how they went)

    ok so in basic the drill sergeants teach "army combatives" which is basically tak'em down and chok'em out or break their arm. I hardly see how I'd do all that with 50 lbs of gear on but anyway, there was an amateur boxer in my room in basic and whenever we had personal time we'd have a scrap or two. I'm into tkd a bit though I like elbows and takedowns and lowkicks. The other dude is a shorter-than-me (I'm 5'7") hispanic dude with a 10-0-0 rec (at least he says) but I began to believe him when he threw that jab out. I could see his shoulder twitch but my right hand which I keep forward cant block it so I stay outta range and side snap his left side with my forward foot a couple times. He can't block that worth a crudd and resorts to a very unboxinglike takedown. I'm more trained in that area than him so I easily get on his back though he, with his short legs, still gets his feet under himself enough to stand up and slam me down which doesn't hurt all that much, but stuns me enough for him to slip the back guard and get me in a half guard. Which we stay in till I get tired and he brings his other arm over in a pseudo-half-guard-mount and presses his forearm into my neck. I get both feet free enough to do a kind of windmill which puts me on his back again in a flash. Not wasting time, I sink a hard rear naked and I win.

    Of course this is non-lethal barracks fighting and I think he could have (should have) got inside my kick and threw those super quick fists. If this guy came at me on "the street" I think he'd have pounded me, what with my bad reflexes.

    Dudes were always grappling and choking each other out in the barracks. Some very athletic dudes got choked out, and I remember one college wrestler from Iran got his leg twisted (didn't tap out) and went to the hospital. He was up against a high school OT.

    90 percent of fights end up on the ground cuz 90 percent of people don't have KO striking power, so their strikes will, at best, knock the opponent to the dirt and the most reliable way to finish them is an arm bar or a rear naked. That's the way the Army teaches soldiers to fight.

    I punched the amateur boxer in the chest while he was wearing the Interceptor bulletproof vest. No weak punch either, fully committed lunge punch. That HURT and my right middle knuckle is a little bigger cuz of it.

    I'm not really sure what your point is, but I'll share a story from MRP (Med Rehab...a place injured recruits go to recover enough to finish boot camp).

    I woke up one evening to make a head call, and came out to see this fat, wise ass using a "Frankenstein Finger Choke" on a friend of mine. They were dicking around, but I could see that my friend was I stepped in and said, "Hey, let me show you how to properly apply a choke."

    The fat ass was wearing his full uniform (he was supposed to be walking firewatch), so I applied a cross with his collar. I must have been agitated and applied it a bit too hard, as he let all his breath out in a big grunt after only 5 seconds or so. His eyes unfocused and he fell towards me...about 300 lbs of fat Marine recruit collapsing on my short, double-rat ass.

    I stumbled back and tried to keep him from falling, at which point my friend said, "Holy shit, you killed him!"

    The guy woke up in a few seconds with a headache.

    That is about as toughguy as I get...overapplying crosschokes on non-resisting partners.


      Yup. Crosschoke.

      hel yeah you musta been doing it hard but I don't think you did him in 5 secs from his breath, anyone can keep from blacking out for 5 secs with no breath. You cut off his blood like the tech is supposed to. But 5 secs?? 2 fast for me. Anyways the point of the thread i guess is personal experiences with "teh str33t" fights and what you learned from them.

      One other "fight" I was in was on a b-ball court in my hood back when i lived in san antonio where I found a dude and we playd some 1-on-1 but I guess he had anger probs, I think it was my fault too tho, but anyway I did the thing where you're bringing the ball in and threw the ball at him while his back was turned so it would bounce off and I could go straight to the basket, well he got mad. He shouted some expletives and slappd the ball out of my hands and proceeded to punch me a few times in my chest (very bad place to hit anyone cuz it doesn't even hurt) and I didn't bother to put up my guard, I'm just one of those dudes that do that. I'd luv to fight a guy like me that doesn't instinctively put his hands up. NEway, he slammed me in the jaw, and I threw a committed right hook at an angle and it hit him on the top of the eye socket. He was writhing in pain on the ground and I was already on my bike pedaling like a madman. I saw the dude again like a year later I think. I was 16 I believe. So, thats about the only example of actual self-defense benefit of martial arts I have.

      I ain't posting a fight where I was on the wrong end of that kind of punch tho. But the hardest hit I've ever taken was from a car, where my left tibia broke and my head spidered their windshield. I don't remember getting hit first hand cuz I had some memory loss. It happened on Nov 21st 2005 (right before finals too!) but the paramedic was suprised to learn that I could have sworn it was september.:ninja2:


        ok so in basic the drill sergeants teach "army combatives" which is basically tak'em down and chok'em out or break their arm. I hardly see how I'd do all that with 50 lbs of gear on but anyway,
        Pple are doing it in full battle rattle in Iraq. Remember in Basic you only got a taste of it. It will be up to your unit to get you trained up on the rest.
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        Didn't anyone ever tell him a fat man could never be a ninja
        -Gene, GODHAND

        You can't practice Judo just to win a Judo Match! You practice so that no matter what happens, you can win using Judo!
        The key to fighting two men at once is to be much tougher than both of them.
        -Daniel Tosh


          I am curious as to how much 'wrasslin' happens with recruits who get the bare-bones of army combatives?

          Also before the combatives are recruits punished for 'wrasslin' around? The chance of injury is high among idiots with high testosterone.

          Oh, and Asia, I'm sure you have had to check a few guys who were either screwing around or took it too far. What did you do?


            Ate them.


              What the hell is a "Frankenstein Finger Choke"?


                Think about it.

                Arms are extended out in front like Frankenstein, and finger strength is used to throttle someone.

                Imagine your standard "Front Standing Choke" used as an attack at most traditional karate schools.


                  Like this:


                    They're dancing!


                      Why's Kenny Rogers bothering that lady?



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