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Shorin Kung Fu in Colorado Springs

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    Shorin Kung Fu in Colorado Springs

    I am not posting this to just flame this school.

    I would like to know if anyone here has any experiance good or bad with this school. I have reasons for wanting to know what people with ACTUAL experiance with this school have to say about it.

    Looking at the website my knee jerk reaction is... McDojo, but I don't know without going there and seeing what they do. Red flags I see are Blackbelt club, and Demo Team.

    But, that being said, I would like input from some one who has acutal experiance.
    People often tell me that I fail to see the gravity of the situation.
    I see the gravity, and I say...

    Step right up folks and watch me defy gravity!

    The site + the costumes hurt me... they heart me deep inside..


      On the plus side, those silk pajamas look much more comfortable than my nasty old gi.


        Shorin is Japanese for Shaolin

        Kuing Fu = Chinese Martial Arts.

        2 Languages = Bullshit


          You realize that this is the reciprocal of Shaolin-do?


            1983 Kumite Full Contact Champion, Korea?!?


            As the reigning Kumite Champion of Korea since 1998, I can guarantee you that he is lying.


              Wait . . . I thought I was the reigning Kumite Champion of Korea!

              No, sorry, I am the reigning Korea Kumite Champion.

              --J. "The Popular Front of Judea" D.
              Why yes, I still have sand in my vagina! It is because I am a lying cowardly child who got buttfucked by MEANIE Doctor X! I also do not know the Latin and it makes me cry!!--Phrost



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