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    That is some awfully classy soft-core gay porn.
    Shut the hell up and train.


      It's like little kids playing soldiers with their plastic guns: "Bang, I gotcha, your dead now... fall down stupid you gotta stay down!"


        Originally posted by Shuma-Gorath

        Only wing chun people suck enough to put both legs over the chest.
        _ing _un does not teach armbars (unless someone has "discovered" it in one of the forms, which wouldn't surprise me).

        "Grappler" is wearing Wing Tsun T-shirt.

        How can anyone fall for this?


          Originally posted by warnerj5000
          To be properly anti-grappled, should I throw my arms into the air before falling on my face in the general direction of my opponent?
          Of course. What kind of a question is that? To be anti-grappled, you have to know "Jumping Armadillo" style:


            I know I'm sold.


              And to think, I've been wasting all this time learning how to ACTUALLY grapple. What the f*&k was I thinking? _ing _un is definately the way to go. _ing _un solves everything. _ing _ung can even help you save 25 % on your car insurance by switching over to it from BJJ.


                Do these guys ever bother to do any studying on grappling besides watching old UFC highlights?


                  wow this thread is funny rofl


                    You guys got it all wrong! This stuff works great -- if you cross train BJJ. I'm off to practice my flying armadillo!


                      Oh - you have so hit my favourite topic. Now for the response from my first ever experience with grappling, when I was untrained in Jiu-Jitsu, I asked my JJ friend, "So how do I win against a grappler." His response was really simple, and the one I use now:

                      "The only way to beat a grappler is to be a better grappler then he is."


                        Originally posted by whybother
                        You guys got it all wrong! This stuff works great -- if you cross train BJJ. I'm off to practice my flying armadillo!
                        Exactly. Forget the X-guard, Butterfly guard, or De la Riva Guard. This WC anti-grappling video makes all that shit obsolete. Behold!!!!

                        You can cross train your flying armadillo move with BJJ, do a wushu flip in mid air, and pull guard... [gasp!]... the Armadillo guard.


                          Askari I gotta disagree with your friend on that one. I've trained in wrestling and judo since I was 11 and 15 respectively and study JJ and BJJ and it possible for a person unschooled in grappling to beat a grappler. Just not with the blatant display of gay shown in these photos.


                            Some more stuff.....

                            Who needs rear naked chokes when you can just gouge their eyes? And why bother getting your hooks in when you can.........kick them in the Dan Tien?

                            The guy actually wriggles free from this (!), and it takes the WT'er a further 20 seconds to finish him.........the last move is a stamp, and the guy.....yes, you've guess it, DIES! What if, during that 20 second period, the WT'er had been "kicked in head by all the other guy's buddies?". I guess we'll never know.


                              More great takedown defences. Some of this stuff has to be seen in action, unfortunately.

                              This really was his entry:

                              Apparently, by this stage he's been hit with 1 kick and 3 elbows. Yet he's not dead. Can we have some consistency please?

                              Elbow to the back of the head classic! But he's still not dead!

                              The grappler is defeated! He has taken about 8 elbows to the head or neck plus one kick. The Wing Tsun Predator is simply toying with his prey, and pushes him off.

                              WHAT?! He's coming back for more! Unfortunately for him, his takedowns are still not teh deadly.

                              The deadly Wing Tsun man throws his assailant to the floor, and follows up with his most devastating attack- a stamp to the arm.

                              ......Right. I'm bored now.

                              This is the end, he follows up with two punches to the face, and two palm strikes to the shoulder (yes, really). And finally, kills the evil grappler with another stamp.

                              Total carnage (rough estimate):
                              8 elbows to the head or neck
                              One kick to the knee
                              Two punches to the face
                              Two palm strikes to the shoulder
                              Two stamps to the arm

                              Total killing time:
                              12 seconds.

                              Wing Tsun = most efficient art in the world? It would appear not.


                                What's he going for?

                                You read my mind! The devastating heel kick to torso!

                                He does 4 of these, and then the "grappler" mysteriously dies.



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