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Why your martial arts sucks:

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    Why your martial arts sucks:

    Personally speaking some of the nutriders on this board are fucking bugging the crap out of me. None of you are correct, dissect the arguement all you want the bottom line is can you get the job done? Let's start here:

    Wing Chun kung-fu: Like most of the stylized kung-fu systems out there they get caught up in the who's instead of the why's and how's. The fixed positions and the inability to expand out of their systems fighting position leaves it vunerable to take downs, angled attacks, multiple person situations, and takes too long to implement the ideas to practical use.

    Taekwondo: You're represented by the biggest morons out there WTF and ATA. These orginizations are out for your money, boosting their prestige, and brain washing you into believing that there is a purpose to what they are doing. All the while, WTF specifically, handing you this crock of shit on how long taekwondo has been in existance. Because of their predjudice outlook toward the karate/Japanese culture in which it originated from they've developed a sport based on a game played over 1000 years ago and make people think they're actually learning how to defend themselves. They refuse to look toward proper training for fighting effectively taking them out of the true realm of martial arts. Now there are some fairly solid TKD orginizations out there but they're not represented by the vast majority thus undermining any attempt at validating their system.

    Kempo: Like saying car, there is no true identity for this system of martial arts. Are we Japanese, American or Chinese. Who give a rats ass. Most systems have tried their damndest (is that really a word?) to validate a fairly effective group of fighting techniques while others get bogged down in the muck of trying to lay claim to some wierd Chinese Shaolin authenticity. Kenpo/Kempo has been represented over many years as some of the hardest hitting, most ferocious fighters in existance. There was a reason they became popular but because of greeed they watered it down to a state where you'd be lucky to find an instructor that wouldn't get you killed in your first encounter on the street. Now a majority of kempo guys are fat, out of shape fucknuts who are more interested in getting your check book then getting in shape. They have gone the way of TKD but fortunately most schools are changing for the better and maybe in the next decade or so they can rise to the prestige they deserve.

    Shaolin Kung-fu/Wu Shu: Doesn't exist people it's fucking myth, as a martial arts you are learning to be a fucking gymnast/ballet dancer. Fucking stage performers are all they are. If you like that shit fine but stop licking the balls of these so called Chi masters as if most their stuff wasn't parlor tricks and simple athletic acrobatic techniques. Simple and to the point.

    Other systems of Kung-fu: if you aren't training in modern ways then you're not training in Kung-fu. Systems were not to be mired down to tradition they were supposed to change with the time, passing on techniques that worked and adding new ones on to make their respective kwoons "bad ass". Unfortunately you've all seen too many Jet Li and Jackie Chan circle jerk movies and believe half that shit is real. It's the fucking movies people get over it.

    Judo: Fucking turning into a bunch of pansies I swear, they outlaw so many moves we're soon going to be left with nothing but a pussified sumo match where only pushing is allowed.

    Jujitsu: The problem here is identity. Like so many arts Jujitsu wears many masks and covers many different areas of grappling. Some Jujitsu systems look like modern MMA events while others are so bogged down in theoretical shit that they have no comprehension on what works and what doesn't work. Bottom line is if you haven't done it against a fully resisting opponent you'll have no idea if it'lll really work. Most of these practitioners get tied down to tradition and never question for a second their "masters" teaching because they've seen him/her throw some cooperative bitch around. Find Jujitsu that works people.

    Brazillian Jujitsu: Unfortunately for BJJ schools around the world they're represented by a bunch of newbie snot nose punks. I've seen the way they teach classes and it's a psychologists dream world. A bunch of Males trying to establish a level of Alpha dominance and force their peers to submit and thus establishing a pecking order in the microcosm that is. Two type of guys come out of these gyms. The guys that learn decent technique because they put their ego asided establish a good level of respect for one another and learn and the fuckers who develope a bully mentality and never get past their own ego. There's nothing wrong with pride until the pride gets in the way of true learning. I saw over a dozen BJJ fighters go into matches against 'inferior' styles because they saw Royce Gracie do it in the UFC. Unfortunately most of those guys forgot they were doing a sport and the Gracies had been accepting challenges for decades before the UFC came around, their style was designed in neutralizing the mono stylistic stand up fighter who believed they couldn't be taken down. The guys that get mired into the BJJ is all you need to know get caught up into the same downfalls as all the other systems that eventually failed due to their inability to change. The minute you don't fear and give respect to another style is the day you're going to leave yourself open to defeat.

    SAMBO: Got caught up in nationalistic pride and failed to branch out beyond the neccessity that developed in the first place. Look we can do throws and all kinds of joint locks but we won't choke people out. How much sense did that make? Fortunately it has made the changes neccessary but sport sambo has not changed with the time and will not succeed until it gets over a lot of the rules that limits it's capablities. Most sambo guys turned to jujitsu, judo and wrestling, you rarely see a pure samboist anymore. Then you have that group that got caught up in the "combat" aspect of sambo. Take a look at the Jujitsu section of this and find out what we think about theoretical martial artist.

    Ninjitusu: God what a bunch of freaks. Can this shit work, I guess so but whats your fucking goal, you want to be a power ranger or a fucking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Seriously, what's the point in doing Ninjitsu? Fuck Ninjitsu up its fucking ass I have no respect for the art so I might as well end this shit right here. I here the Taijitsu hand to hand can be quite effective but the other stuff is queer eye for the straight guy gay.

    Aikido: WTF, artful form of evasion that's all this is. Great fucking concept but stop saying you're a martial art, you're not. If you're not going to engage the opponent and you're a bunch of whining pacifistic cultist seeking enrichment then fine, go eat your tofu and circle jerk in the corner and leave the real martial artist to the real people. Don't get me wrong I love some of this shit but if you like most of the aspects and want to learn how to defend yourself find an Aikijujitsu school that does some level of sparring and leave this shit to the ball room dancers.

    Muay Thai: Muay Thai is not kickboxing people, it's what they do but it's not kickboxing. I'm sick of hearing this shit. Muay Thai teaches more than sparring in the ring. Great form of fighting terrible for self-defense. What's that? You heard me, specifically for guys. After you elbow somebody in the face and knee the crap out of their body what are you going to tell the cops "oops?". God no, if you want to learn self-defense take some Japanese Jujitsu/Combat SAMBO stuff, at least if the theoretical stuff doesn't work you can beat the crap out of them afterwards.

    Kickboxing: It's a fucking sport people get over it.

    Boxing: They're all jealous of MMA fighters. I hate boxing. Hate it.

    Wrestlers: Being on your back is not gay.

    Freestyle grapplers: This includes the grappling gambit here, going to the ground on the street sucks ass. Been there, done that, if you have and got away untouched you got lucky.

    Krav Maga: Probably one of the most effective theoretical based systems I've come across next to Combat sambo. But then again you saw what I said about Combat SAMBO. Unfortunately they got greedy too and allowed a bunch of half educated punks go out and teach there system for obscene amounts of money only to teach nada.

    So these are the nutriders I've come across in my nearly 4 years with bullshido formerly known as It's been said before but let me summarize it for you. If you are at a school and you're happy so be it. If you want to look for an effective system that you can learn how to fight you must learn stand-up and grappling. If you want to learn self-defense make sure there's some level of effective sparring that allows you to attempt some of the theoretical ideas. For those stand up guys that think they can't be taken down I hope a grappler comes along and drops you on your head. For those grapplers who think they can take anybody down I hope you get KTFO. For those of you who don't spar and think your shit really works I hope you get mugged and for all you bullshit artist that weren't even worth my time in mentioning I hope you contract a painful disease and die like the piece of shits you are.

    *PS if I missed your style up here and you think you need to say someting let me intercept you comment and use the universal ::: middle finger :::: salute.

    PS: remember I did not edit nor reread my rant here so there's possibly many grammatical errors.


      Can I assume that nothing is wrong with archery?


        Originally posted by MEGA JESUS-SAN
        Can I assume that nothing is wrong with archery?

        *Bang!!!! :XXchicken :jihad: :XXbazooka :new_alien


          Glad to see even you didn't want to mess with t3h tai chi.

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            Originally posted by Cullion
            Glad to see even you didn't want to mess with t3h tai chi.
            Falls under kung fu. Nice P'eng.


              You were quite kind to Wing Chun actually.


                Hey you forgot to rant about Arnis/FMA!

                What you said about WC was on the money... perhaps something about iron shirt and palm striking could have been good :D

                Judo, well its true to some degree. I still get injured pretty often, but maybe I'm just getting old.


                  Since once person's opinion is law and all...crap I guess all the methods of traditional martial arts are completely useless. Just remember, just as how disillusioned CMA/TMA practicioners can be, so can MMA's who are prejudiced and biased towards TMA's. Just because these dying arts seem to be in disaray and not many peopele know what they hell they are doing, doesn't mean there is nothing of value.

                  Very angry post :) But I like.
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                    How about koryu bujutsu? You know, classical jujutsu, Daito-ryu aikijujutsu, yawara, kogusoku, all that good stuff. *grin*

                    Also, I can't believe you omitted kuhrotty. :o


                      This should be on the front page permanently.


                        You missed Chi-Canon-fu


                          He didn't mess with fencing because he knows that a rapier would ruin his shit.


                            That's awesome.
                            You can't make people smarter. You can expose them to information, but your responsibility stops there.


                              so basically everything sucks...



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