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"" LOL.

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    "" LOL.

    Check out today!

    I found the link through this bullshido member's homepage:

    (first poster)

    Anyway, for starters, check out their fight team. A bunch of kids that all claim streetfighting and "grappling" experience along with MT, Boxing, and TKD.

    Improper hook, and the kid with the mushroom cut looks straight out of the movie "3 ninjas".

    Check out this tough guy shadowboxing:

    I think in their video section they have footage of themselves fighting.

    Don't forget to check out their forum:
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    I would like to call for a moment of silent contemplation. Breathe in slowly, and then exhale...

    The fact that those guys got the domain is funny, yes, but it's not just funny in the way that Phil Elmore or Ashida Kim is funny. No, has more. It has shibumi.


      Oh fuck.


        Wasn't that posted pretty recently here? I remember seeing that page before.


          Please let these guys live in Vancouver, please let these guys live in Vancouver ...


            how do punks

            how do these little punk kids get the money for the bandwidth ...

            and where exactly are the fight tips .... all I saw were links to underage kids acting like well ... underage spoiled little rich kids trying to be "hard " . It is amusing though .




              Fights - 5 wins-1 loss-1 draw

              Style - Tae Kwon Do, Grappling, Street fighting

              Favorite Fighter - Jean claude Van-Damme

              Favorite Saying - "We're just atoms."
              Oh man. Awesome.


                Wow... I never thought the nerdiness of poser learn from a book TMA could spread to mma :o


                  I've probably seen them in those OWNED videos I find on the internet.The ones where there is Pantera and Gun'n'roses track playing and kids kicking each other in the face.

                  I hope they do live in Vancouver JKDChick.'cause I hope they don't live in Montreal.


                    What? What? What? What? How? Why? How?

                    What?!? :virus:

                    Confound you, Internet, for letting creatures like this propogate...

                    I bet if this kid has been trained in the real Chuck Norris, he's absolutely deadly.

                    Oh god, under "Videos," the martial arts "exibition."

                    It makes me want to sing. Now it's ooooone twwwwooo threeeee fouuuuuur fiiiive chances for me to kick you iiiiiin the baaallllls....

                    EDIT: Just found this. Sixth post down. Because obviously, in real streetfighting, you can count on muggers to attack based on your age group.
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                      So high school kids are out training [poorly] to fight each other instead of stuffing a game boy up their ass watching MTV while drinking soda and eating potato chips. What is the problem? We were all fucking stupid in high school.

                      edit: wonder if they are associated with these kids -
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                        I was not so stupid in high school that I thought I was trained in a subject matter because I watch it on TV. Nor was I so stupid as to post my "training" on the Internet.

                        I mean, seriously. These dipshits are Star Wars Kid level of fighting. Only they do it on purpose.


                          You know the kid sucks when his favorite fighter is Jean Claude...Vandam is an actor....


                            I'm getting mixed feelings.

                            One, I'm very sad that these kids are doing what they are.

                            Two, I'm excited that they will get their shit ruined soon, hopefully by a member from this board (JKDChick would be the best, but Asia doing it would work)

                            Three, I just ate. A lot. I don't feel very good about that...



                              Originally posted by TehDeadlyDimMak
                              You know the kid sucks when his favorite fighter is Jean Claude...Vandam is an actor....
                              I bet if you showed them a Pride or UFC fight, they'd say "Pfft, that's not how REAL fights work, I'd just spinning hook kick him."




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