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BJJ inferior to Kosen Judo

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    No, Kimura lost and said it was supposed to be a worked draw but Rikidozan came out shooting (really fighting) and beat him. So sorry to burst your bubble alter7nate.


      Guess what?

      If Rickson Gracie and I were to fight a work...I chop him in the neck by surpise and boot kick him in the head....causing a KO

      Therefore Alter7nate defeated Rickson


        It's ok to admit when you're wrong alter...


          Rizokan is not a Gracie


            I know, I wasn't trying to say you were wrong about the Gracie thing. I was saying Shootfighting is better than both Judo and BJJ :D.


              No, Karate is.......Mas Oyama was undefeated


                I'm not getting sucked into this, you wanted to pump up Blosen Judo which was defeated as I pointed out.


                  What the Hell does it matter? Does taking Kosen make you invincible? Does taking BJJ make you invincible? Hell no and hell no, respectively.

                  Stop fuckin arguing about the damn styles and actually practice them. In the end, most martial arts come down to the same thing.


                    Right, but 36 Chamber Wu Tang Sword Style does make you "invinsable"?


                      Kimura did loss 4 fights in his life and drew 2.....that was a don't count


                        It's ok alter, you're just wrong, admit it before you make an even bigger fool of yourself.


                          outside opinion

                          i am about to start training for first time in my life... and am looking for style... i am interested in bjj and kosen judo as newaza is obviously effective -- though i want to become well trained in throwing as well...

                          but here's my point... kosen and bjj are obviously both seriously effective and the differences are small enough that the better fighter will win in a contest... sometimes kosen - sometimes bjj...

                          which is better f-16 or mig-29?? hmmm... it could be argued all day -- but i think they are close enough that the better pilot will win 'everytime'

                          the style is the vehicle -- the fighter is the pilot...

                          anyhow -- even if i decide to study kosen judo -- it seems rather hard to find a kosen judo school... it looks (to me) as though judo in america is somewhat watered down and 'sport' focused -- if i were in japan my choice would be easier...

                          so here in america -- looking for an effective self-defense regimine to study -- i feel bjj is good enough and available enough...

                          anybody with knowledge of kosen judo schools in san francisco area??

                          what about jujutsu? it seems that modern jujutsu schools i've seen focus on small circle techniques... seems that might be impractical in a real street fight...

                          i apologize for my ignorance -- just beginning to look into this...


                            Uhh.... this thread's like three years old, dumbass.


                              Mongoose, Look at the bar above the last post before yours, it's dated at 2002.



                                Originally posted by Alter7nate
                                My point was that Tae Kwon Do works better on the street than BJJ
                                Insane in the membrane, Insane in the brain!



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