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BJJ inferior to Kosen Judo

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    Hook........hmmmmmmmmmm.....seems like you're an interesting person to fight with.

    Migo, I'm not riding anyone BUT a sexy blonde girl can ride me though I admit...Kimura did beat Helio and there never was a rematch thus anyone with an IQ of 90-110 will see that Migo is riding Helio's making up stupid stories

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      Everyone has different experiences. But what I ask is this: are any of you going to be worrying about who beat who in a damn cage match when you've got a thug coming after you with a crowbar?


        neither is better - judo is an excellent styles of grappling/wrestling standing, BJJ on the ground (+ moves are taught, including judo, on how to get there.) Neither is more effective on the street, and what happens if, by chance you do get thrown on your head by a judoka, or armbarred standing (yes you can do that)/on the ground by a bjjer(?). BJJ has it's qualities (as many of the ppl in MMA show) as does judo (as not that many in MMA show, but a few do, and with clothing/gi use it is almost definitely the most effective style of wrestling, although sambo is almost definitely just as good..maybe not(?).) Same for BJJ, I don't think there is a better form of grappling with a gi, BUT without a GI it is arguably equalled, not surpassed. Were as with Judo there are forms of wrestling alot better than it without having to rely on the gi (though it is still good without one.) [all personal opinion of course.]


          Thank God. There's actually someone here besides Phrost with a balanced, intelligent opinion. I agree, the arts are more or less equal. I take back what I said before, but one point stands:

          NHB tourneys do NOT gauge fighting ability. You can't simply pit styles against one another and say "this style won the most, it's fighters are the best". That's just ignorance on the observer's part, who needs some kind of proof to reassure himself that he's not going to go on to become a total incompetant mcfighter.

          Only your brain and your balls can guarantee that, not some cheap, wussy tournament.

          Carry on, gentlemen.


            Those statements are made by people who practice styles that lose a lot to reassure themselves that their style is actually useful.



              Kimura defeated the Founder of BJJ so Kosen judo is superior...what are you talking about?

              One of Kimura's students...Mehdi also kick BJJ Black belts' asses everyday


                A style cannot simply be measured by its practitioners. One CAN look at all the NHB tourneys out there and say 'hey, MMA is pretty damn good', and they would be right. But most of these people who claim MMA is better than traditional are masochists who have never taken a decent traditional class, or are too stupid to get far in their training. They reason that MMA training is faster and more effective than traditional, but I'd like them to answer this:

                What would a caveman do with a rifle, learn to aim, shoot, and reload, or club people with it?


                  Helio beat Mehdi. You can read about it on the Global Training Report website.


                    Musashi83..............Man, I'm too old to be trolling...this is 3 ERAS since I was over at ADCC, I've retired from the art since Dec. 30, 2001.....if I want to, I can beat all the Trolls in the world, I'm the Champion of the Trolls AKA Kimura

                    Link to the story of Helio VS Mehdi? I like is recorded into my "Katas"

                    In reality, I think the Gracie style is very good...but I hate the attitude of the gracies

                    GrandMaster Helio Gracie is very good...

                    GrandMaster Mehdi is very good...heard that he beated alot of BJJ Blackbelts

                    GrandMaster Ono is also very good.....beating Jorge Gracie and fighting Helio Gracie to a draw twice

                    Then there's GrandMaster Mitsuyo Maeda, sensei of the Gracies

                    World Champion Masahiko Kimura, AKA the Mas Oyama of Grappling

                    Then there's Grandmaster Yamashita, GrandMaster Gene Lebell, GrandMaster Rickson Gracie etc.

                    Master Kado etc....Black Belts, Masters, GrandMasters and Champions

                    There's lots of GrandMasters......I've learned the concept from the Martial Arts Community and also later from the Chess/Checkers Community.

                    It's all Judo.......just in different forms

                    Kodokan Judo (Pre-war Judo)

                    --->>>>>Sambo, BJJ, Zen, Olympic, Kosen etc.

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                      By the way.....My student tapped Ruk out yesterday at ADCC..............he was helpless against Andrea Place Sensei, my student...a sexy blonde girl

                      Ruk ain't nothing................that stupid ADCC admin thought Andrea Place Sensei = Alter7nate so my top female student was banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      Again.....Ruk ain't nothing!

                      Ruk = 6th Dan

                      Andrea Place Sensei = 7th Dan

                      Alter7nate = 15th Dan

                      Tell Ruk to take a look at this...


                        Rickson Slaughtered one of Kimura's students. BJJ is superior. Dick.


                          Migo...and that supposely student of Kimura was Nishi..............on the global training report website....

                          That same Nishi was talking to Helio Gracie about his fight with Kimura.......Nishi didn't sound like he ever was a student of Kimura

                          Even if he was Kimura's student...Kimura never was as dedicated to teaching nor was as good a teacher as Helio was.......Kimura can whopp Rickson easily too


                            Will you two shut up? Neither style is better. They're close enough to where they are the same. BJJ is more adoptable, Kosen is more precise. But any good fighter with half a brain will make the most of their system and and take all advantages possible. Leave it at that, Migo; you're starting to sound like Alt.


                              Kim Sin-Nak (aka Mitsuhiro "Rikidozan" Momota, Korean/Japanese Shootfighter) beat Kimura thus proving that Shootfighting is in fact the best style of all, so HA!


                                Rikidozan VS Kimura was a work



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