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Hilarious mismatches in skill aka when the bullshit hits the fan

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    Originally posted by Dung Beatles View Post
    Exactly my point. I don't think Macias could have beat Taktarov on his own. WHat I think happened was he went to Taktarov and tried to negotiate a "Don't beat me to death like the last Sambo expert guy" agreement.
    Macias and Taktarov had the same manager, Buddy Albin. They knew Taktarov had the better chance of beating Tank Abbott, so Macias threw the fight so Oleg would be fresh. A similar situation happened between Don Frye and Mark Hall in the Ultimate Ultimate 96.

    Macias would lose to Oleg either way, but he could've potentially given him a good struggle, as Taktarov wouldn't have the size to just ragdoll Macias like Severn did. Macias had a solid career that lasted until 2014:


      It might not quite be relevant because Amaury Bitteti does have some marked skill in BJJ, but Don Frye dropping those knees on the back of his head at UFC 9 is still one of the most harrowing/hilariously OP things i've ever seen in MMA



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