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McDojolife Is Crowdfunding For A Documentary About Fake Martial Arts

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    Originally posted by W. Rabbit View Post
    McDonald's has routinely lost court cases over the mere use of the "Mc" prefix in a number of countries. And it typically costs them big, especially when the defendant isn't selling food.

    To have a chance, the defendant typically has to use some other McDonaldish emblem, like arches or burgers with a "Mc" prefix.

    I think it'd be a hard sell for McDonalds to convince a judge that a Shinto torii would confuse customers. It's also clearly a parody.
    Their US quarter pounder with cheese is a pretty good value for the price.

    I feel like that they have done a lot of work on this product offering, and deserve some recognition.

    Also, I remain a fan, in a pinch, of their egg mcmuffin and hash browns.

    And their coffee, which I prefer to Starbucks on any day of the week for several reasons.


      I thought that was what I've been doing in YMAS with the various threads I start there. Let me infiltrate a few more MA Facebook groups to really get the goods.

      I think it is funny that the Booj guys have their own anti-Bush in MA group. They just haven't let me in yet.



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