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McDojolife Is Crowdfunding For A Documentary About Fake Martial Arts

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    Originally posted by W. Rabbit View Post
    McDonald's has routinely lost court cases over the mere use of the "Mc" prefix in a number of countries. And it typically costs them big, especially when the defendant isn't selling food.

    To have a chance, the defendant typically has to use some other McDonaldish emblem, like arches or burgers with a "Mc" prefix.

    I think it'd be a hard sell for McDonalds to convince a judge that a Shinto torii would confuse customers. It's also clearly a parody.
    Their US quarter pounder with cheese is a pretty good value for the price.

    I feel like that they have done a lot of work on this product offering, and deserve some recognition.

    Also, I remain a fan, in a pinch, of their egg mcmuffin and hash browns.

    And their coffee, which I prefer to Starbucks on any day of the week for several reasons.


      I thought that was what I've been doing in YMAS with the various threads I start there. Let me infiltrate a few more MA Facebook groups to really get the goods.

      I think it is funny that the Booj guys have their own anti-Bush in MA group. They just haven't let me in yet.
      Don't rely on theory if your life is at stake.

      "But now that you've anointed him as truthsayer, you'll be complicit with what happens when the next Jew comes here and is lambasted by an ultrasecular Rabbi" -W.Rabbit/Pship/Emily Dickinson/Earth Dragon/Self Proclaimed Editor Extraordinaire



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