Anonymous coward A term originating on Slashdot for an unregistered user who can nonetheless post comments. Anyone who doesn't dox themselves to Wabbit's content. But see Privacy.
Brown belt, grand master, etc. Rank in arts that grant such credentials. Wabbit's self-awarded rank in disciplines that often don't even grant such ranks, because no one cares about them. Mostly avoids rank claims in actual disciplines that grant real rank, although there are exceptions.
Gish gallop Overwhelming an opponent with a high volume of arguments. Not waiting to continue a discussion until Wabbit drops in.
Off-topic Not relevant to the topic of discussion. Not what Wabbit wants to talk about. Never applies to his own attempts to change the subject.
Privacy Keeping one's personal information out of public view. Prohibiting others from referring to Wabbit's frequent attention whoring and its consequent exposure of his personal information. Doesn't stop him from making creepy threats to expose others. But see Anonymous coward.
Rep bitching Whining about getting neg rep in a way that derails a thread. Making any allusion to upvotes or downvotes, especially Wabbit's abuse of that system Does not apply to Wabbit actually bitching about rep, gloating about his abuse of the rep system, or lying about its meaning
Serch funktn n00b This question has been addressed here many times, and a simple search will answer your query. Wabbit has nothing to support his argument, and wants to make you do his homework. Never applies to him. He suddenly remembers the burden of proof when it benefits him.
Any others I should add? (No, Wabbit, not asking you for self-serving bullshit.)