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Worst Excuse for Losing Fight?

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  • Kravbizarre
    Theres that wing chun guy who fought that mma fighter in china (the one who had to paint his face). Anyway the chunner lost by knockout in a matter of seconds (surprise surprise) by the mma guy who didnt throw a combo and just launched a cross mohammed ali style.

    After a huniliating defeat that chunner released a statement a few days later saying the only reason he lost was because he was a vegetarian.

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  • battlefields
    I didn't fight back.

    In my defence, there were a few of them and one of the guys was a kickboxing champ who was known for wearing steel capped boots.

    EDIT AND CONCLUSION: So they kicked the shit out of me at a New Years Eve party when I was like 17 and peaking off my dial on ecstacy. It was kinda fucked up cause I was up the coast about 100km away and they literally hunted me down.

    At the time I considered myself to be a pacifist (don't do drugs, kids) and decided it was going to be better that I didn't fight back. I was punched and kicked and tackled to the ground, then punched and kicked a bit more, but in the end, I imagine they just weren't getting the satisfaction from doing it to someone who wasn't engaging. So a good strategy?

    Anyway, I'd have much rathered fighting back looking back on it. However, I had hooked up with one of the dude's girlfriends, knowing he was in that particular group of hard nuts, while I was drunk (don't drink alcohol, kids), so I realised I was the architect of my destruction.

    So yeah, that is the worst excuse for losing a fight.

    Funnily enough I am actually friends with some of the guys now. There's another story there.
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  • Holy Moment
    started a topic Worst Excuse for Losing Fight?

    Worst Excuse for Losing Fight?

    Simple thread premise: What's the worst excuse you've ever heard anyone give for losing a fight? It could be any context, competition or Street.

    Rudy Abel's famous "ear grind" comes to mind.

    My favorite, though, is William Cheung's excuse for losing to Emin Boztepe:

    Cheung claimed that Boztepe must've had padding underneath his shirt, because his punches from the bottom had no effect on Boztepe's body.


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