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Dillashaw and EPO

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    Dillashaw and EPO

    Apologies if someone has started a thread about this somewhere else. I've been trying to follow the recent developments but I've got a couple of questions.

    Firstly from what I understand EPO makes the body produce more red blood cells is this correct?

    Second a lot of people are saying that it's probably the end of the road for Mr Dillashaw as a top level fighter. Given the length of his suspension, do you think he can make a comeback?

    Third now that they are able to go back to retest old samples for EPO do you think they should? I know it would cause all sorts of issues but I think its only fair to those who fought clean against people who were cheating.

    He could come back if he stays in training. Everyone thought Jones was done when he was suspended, but he has shown that you can come back and still dominate. Just depends on the fighter.

    I don't think they should go back and test old samples. Let it be and lets move forward.
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      It's not the end of the road for him as a top level fighter, although he may not be the same, or be a champion ever again. I think breaks can be good. Time to work different techniques and heal old injuries, but being out of the game with athletes competing at the highest level, is definitely a major set back.

      As far as testing samples, I think if they wanted they could go back to wherever in the USADA testing pool they want where the banned substances of the time were known, but without a legit reason would just create more controversy. They already went back to his championship fight samples, so there's really no need to go any further.

      I've always took hard stances against PED users, but he's owned it. He fucked up, he's taking his licks. It is what it is, so only time will tell if he can save his legacy or not.





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