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    The other day I was playing a video game of the Breakout/Arkanoid type (where you have to destroy tiles by keeping a ball in the air with a puddle). It occured to me that this is actually an excellent reflex training. I was wondering if playing this type of game often would also improve your fighting reflexes. Seems like a fun way to complement one's MA training... Anybody has experience with this? And what other game would you recommend to this end?

    Because you are new, I am going to take this question semi-seriously and assume you are not trolling, for the moment, but realize that you will probably get a lot of non-serious answers here.

    Ok, the first thing you have to realize is that what video games develop is simple motor reflexes, that is the ability to see a stimulus and provide a simple response to acknowledge that you saw it.
    Even the most complex games really only develop this, and some cognitive ability.
    Fighting reflexes, for people that can actually fight, are based on complex, trained, responses to rapid stimuli under extreme adrenal stress. Now, in some cases, it is possible to duplicate the adrenal stress factor a LITTLE bit, but none of the complexity of moving your whole body in response to a single stimulus.
    Due to this lack of complexity, video games are relaxing, and fun. Fighting can be fun, and can even be beneficial to your mental health, but relaxing it is not. You do not veg out in front of the heavy bag the same way you do the TV.

    All of that said, if you are taking a rest day or something, then playing video games doesn't HURT and can actually help with cognitive ability which can lead to improved long term retention and learning. Just don't expect them to duplicate the results of a speed bag or a drill class as far as your reflexes go.


      IIRC I saw a TED talk a few years ago that basically said playing 1st person shooters enhanced people's ability to keep track of multiple targets, or something to that effect.

      But 5 hours a week of playing pretty much maxed that out.

      And in the context he was discussing it didn’t seem super relevant to hand to hand combat, more something that might help a fighter pilot.

      I’m sure it’s on YouTube somewhere.


        lacrosse is a great game to play to transition into stick fighting.

        Slapsies, you know where you hold your hand on top of someone's hands and then you have to slap the hand before they move it? Well, believe it or not this is a great game for hand quickness for knife fighting.

        And before anyone says it, boxing(MMA, wrestling) is a good game to practice fighting people.


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          OK, OK. Yes, there are some mental things than can be accomplished by gaming. There's the mindshare, in the case of AA, for future recruitment, as well as pre-education/pre-indoctrination in a comfortable, voluntary setting. Will it make you a better fighter? Probably not. Will it make you a better warrior? I like to think so.
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            Just like porn, I can hope.
            Originally posted by Devil
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              Originally posted by battlefields View Post
              Just like porn, I can hope.
              Helps with grip strength.
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                Floor to ceiling ball is probably one of the best practical reflex trainers for fighting. Video games only train the brain. Like if you play puzzle type games or look to find solutions to strange problems that are scenario specific.


                  Driving at high speed through traffic on GTA has helped me bob and weave better whilst sparring .

                  Also in GTA Spotting whores and picking them up discreetly has helped me improve my .. actually never mind .



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