I live in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area and, I'm in search of a legit Dojo to train. I was training at a legit dojo called Gracie United but found it not to be a good fit for me. They were focused on the competition side of Jiu Jitsu and taught very little Self defense for that matter very little stand up at all. in fact every class I participated in did not matter belt rank you started on your knees, back or butt but never on my feet . So I'm looking for a dojo that teaches a more complete Jiu jitsu system. From striking to throwing to grappling. Who knows there may not be such a thing in my area except for a UFC GYM. I have checked out a few dojos and to be honest I've heard great things and not so great things about them all, which makes picking the right coach/Professor more confusing. So if anyone could give me some suggestions and why you recommend them, it would be deeply appreciated.