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Newbie to the forums looking for information on teachers!

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    Newbie to the forums looking for information on teachers!

    Hey guys!

    As you can tell, I am a complete newbie to this website, and I was recommended by 'PDA' to post in YMAS.

    A little bit about me - I am 25, I live in Sydney, Australia. I am by no means proficient in any style of MA, but I have dabbled in Wing Chun (1 year) and Muay Thai (1.5 years) (I stopped training in WC more than 8 years ago and MT more than 3 years ago due to time commitments) so I am pretty much a complete beginner, as I have forgotten pretty much everything except for the basics.

    I played a lot of sports in my teenage years (mainly swimming and rugby) and have lifted for approximately 1.5 years now, am definitely stronger than the average male of my size.

    However, I have been in more than half a dozen street fights/brawls over the years (I have a resting bitch face that attracts trouble; luckily, none of my opponents were trained or strong/fast enough to drop me... yet...)

    I am keen to get back into training in MA now that I have more free time. I am tossing up between conventional wisdom (getting back into Muay Thai + adding BJJ) or learning something new, such as Sanshou/Shaolin.

    A co-worker has been training in TFT, which he swears by, saying that his instructor, Mike Allen, is legit.

    Naturally, I was skeptical and a quick search of google shows a lot of other skeptics when it comes to TFT and its founder, Tim Larkin. However, I believe that it is the practitioner, not the MA. Does anyone have any experience with this bloke 'Mike Allen'/ his school, or indeed TFT in general?

    Lastly, an acquaintance of mine has been training in sanshou/shaolin style kungfu for several years. He also swears by it, and a quick check of the sifu's lineage seems quite legit.

    However, I am naturally quite skeptical. Does anyone know anything about 'Sifu Brett Russell'? I am considering going in to see for myself, but I wanted to check with you guys first.

    I am seeking to train in MA for self-improvement/discipline and to help defend myself in sticky situations. I hope never to get into another street fight, but it would not hurt to train/be prepared, due to my track record for getting into trouble/brawls.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read my essay! If anyone can provide any information on the above, I will be super grateful!


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