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Wing Chun fighter wins gong sau against someone half his size

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    Originally posted by It is Fake View Post
    Wing Chun dude wants to fight MARTIAL ART Masters from other arts, many actual TRAINED martial artists accepted and Dan settles on a broken, literally, guitar playing hobbyist to SPAR at a throw down. The hobbyist settled on SPARRING rules, but wouldn't listen to any us of who told him it was going to be considered a fight. You can figure out what happened.

    Oh and that is not the only thread.
    The way I read those threads..

    .. a goofy boxing announcer and marketing kid...
    ... turned self-proclaimed streetfighter with no real fighting experience...
    .... became a self-proclaimed Wing Chun street legend....
    ..... by punching a Boston subway guitarist/kickboxing hobbyist in the ribs a couple times.....
    ...... and celebrated his victory at a nearby McDonald's.

    Sound about right? I think I got the gist. I read every post.
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