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    Bullshido's Dumbest Post Evar award

    Bullshido's Dumbest Post Evar award

    2016 edition, undoubtedly this competition will be perpetual. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: find the stupidist shit ever said on these forums. Quote and link it in this thread. Like a post here as a preliminary vote. At some point (say, election day in the US), I'll take the top-rated entries and put them into a poll for final voting. The winner will be the person that found the dumbest post. The loser (also known as the original poster) will get a Dumbest Poster tag.

    (edit) Winner gets 1 year Supporting Member status, with all rights and privileges, and an Almond Joy tag.

    1) The poster must seem oblivious to the fact that they are posting stupid shit
    2) The post in question must be at least cursorily related to the thread
    3) Bonus points if the post in question is by a poster with more than 100 posts
    4) Bonus points if the post in question is the last post made by the offender winner
    5) Spam posts will not be considered

    To kick things off, here's my innaugural nominee:
    Originally posted by Wing-Kwan-Fu View Post
    I've also had a bad back for the last 30 years (became a quadriplegic in a Segway accident), does anyone know any arts where cardio and the ability to move one's arms and legs aren't unreasonably emphasized over principles and tactics?
    Consider for a moment that there is no meme about brown-haired, brown-eyed step children.

    God damn it, there was a great thread about a guy that was making a "cyberbullying documentary" that I can't find I think a good deal of it was moved to trollshido.


      Originally posted by goodlun View Post
      God damn it, there was a great thread about a guy that was making a "cyberbullying documentary" that I can't find I think a good deal of it was moved to trollshido.
      Found the thread now to find the dumbest thing said in it oh boy....


        Originally posted by DanSevering View Post
        BJJ is dirty wrestling, so it's no wonder you can win if you don't follow rules.
        Originally posted by mikus View Post
        A friend and I wrestle at the park for fun, not for any real martial benefit. But we will use basic wrestling/bjj moves if we know them or see them in a book or something.

        But I can never get my friend to fucking tap from a guillotine. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Is the guillotine supposed to cut the blood flow to the brain or is it supposed to close the windpipe?

        I'm putting my forearm in his throat, which may be the problem (isn't it supposed to be the inside of the elbow?). I can never seem to get around his neck fast enough get the elbow in. Most of the time what happens is he is very uncomfortable and breathing sucks for him, but he has just enough air to not tap out.

        Also, is closing someone's windpipe dangerous? I think part of the reason I haven't been able to get him to tap is that I've been weary of putting too much pressure on his windpipe.

        He carries a gun.
        THE Arnold Schwarzenegger.
        A man with a plan.
        Originally posted by Pagan View Post
        Boxing is regarded as a feared sport. Although it is a brutal sport, it is a sport and nothing more.

        Korean styles like TKD are critized by sport stylists for keeping their hands down, but what they don't realize is that TKD and Kuk sool wan are for the street. In the street you need to protect your groin and having your hands up by your head is not offering any protection. If a boxer tries to square off with hands high against a good Kuk Sool Won stylist, he will recieve a quick kick to the balls ending the fight.
        Originally posted by Jamoke View Post
        Kata/forms teaches you how to move. it teaches your mind how to correspond with other body parts, timing. It teaches you how to move like water.

        in a "street situation", should you think about what your next move is. You can't move like The Tin Man in the WIZARD of OZ.

        people who say kata sukks, simply mean THEY SUKK. because without it, you have no foundation to move.

        so for you sukk asses who move your feet first then strike, you SUKK and need to practice your kata.
        Originally posted by Kempocos View Post
        KATAS are like pushups in the fact that pushups help you hit harder by increasing power, KATA helps to get you to flow ( as jamoke stated ). When Breath and movement are in sync the body is working more efficient increasing power,speed and endurance this is like when a car is tuned and aligned correctly it generates max horsepower. Katas do not teach you how to fight but help you prepare to learn how to fight at your best. IMHO

        In the fog of doubt and bad technique, pain clears the view to proper technique.


          Originally posted by Savatuer View Post
          Traditional martial artists sometimes complain that their art is being bashed for bad reasons. They say that skill depends on the person not the style; they say that they don't need to prove themselves to anyone. Some of them say that you need to depend with faith in the art. I have to say that almost all of them talk in rhetorics. Now all this is ok with me, but oftentimes these traditional martial artists go on and bash newer concepts like mixed martial arts.
          Here are some of the things they say about MMA:
          " Mixed martial artists throw sloppy blows."
          " They spend to much time on the ground."
          " They fight like monkeys."
          " Mixed martial arts have no forms! Forms are the life and spirit of all MA."
          " There are rules in UFC, so it is just another tournament. If they fought in our tournaments with our rules, they would probably lose."
          " MMA is overhyped."
          " MMA is not really old. The arts in them have been around for a really long time."
          " They have no grace."
          " It is not a real street-fighting situation."
          Ok, those are just some of the things those " victim" traditional martial artists have said. In my opinion, the negative viewpoint towards MMA is totally based on bad reasons. Here is what I have to say:
          1. " Mixed martial artists throw sloppy blows." Well, although the blows look sloopy, they are quite effective. Just because their punches and kicks don't look as impressive and intimidating as your mcdojo fancy jumping and spinning kicks, doesn't mean they aren't powerful. You try all day to perfect the form and technique of your punches so they look great ,well executed, and graceful. But just because you can throw a " perfect" punch in the air and in point sparring doesn't mean you can compete with the power and speed of the mma powerful punches and kicks. They can apply those blows under pressure, can you?
          2. " They spend to much time on the ground. If there were multiple assailants in a real fight against you, the ground would be dangerous." Well that may be true in some cases, but if you are taken to the ground, what do you do? If you can't fight back on the ground or counter takedowns to get off of the ground and prevent going there, you are at a lose. And plus, what if you are fighting one-on-one, and if you are taken down without the risk of being stomped on, how do you fight back? If a mixed martial artist got into a real fight, he/she wouldn't try to go on the ground with his assailant if there are more people around. He/she would fight back in stand-up, and if he did go to the ground, he would be able to fight back. You however, being taken down, would probably be at a lose. Ground fighting is more than simple horse play, it's serious. You can't use the punches and kicks you learned at this range, you are in trouble.
          3. " They fight like monkeys.' Good. You forget what modern science has proved monkeys to be. They are acrobatic and intelligent. They have skill, and when in a battle, they fight back with valor and ferocity. they are balanced, and often gentle when not fighting. I guess traditional martial artists don't like these traits.
          4. "MAAs have no form! Forms are the life and spirit of all MA." Forms? As in katas, which is what most mcdojos have their students spend all day on. Forms that have no application in a real fight; forms with fixded, fancy manuevers. You know what forms really were used for? They were used to secretly practice illegal martial arts in Asia. That's it. We don't need to keep practicing forms; MA is not illegal today. We could just practice techniques, and f MA becomes illegal, we make up forms based on those techniques.
          5. " There are rules in UFC, so it is just another tournament. If they fought in our tournaments with our rules, they would probably lose." Yes there are rules in the UFC currently, but alot less rules than your competitions. Due to this, the UFC is them most realistic simulation of any one-on-one fight. When the TMA bring up what is in quotes, they seem to try to tell ust that they think they could beat UFC fighters if there was no rules. They seem to say that a groin shot , a bite, and an escape would make themselves win. Well, the UFC guy ain't just gonna let you pull that off. Do you remember when, in early competitions, Karate men faught Thai boxers? The Muay Thai destroyed the Karate fighters. Imagine those fights without rules. Remember, the Thai guy has no rules laid on him too.
          6. " MMA is overhyped." That is because MMA is an effective combat concept that has overcome fighters practicing solely traditional arts. Like the Karate styles that, might I add, have been hyped in movies, products, and a sh*t load of other areas way before the advent of MMA. Remember, TMA is hyped alot by the mcdojos.
          7. " MMA is not really old. The arts in them have been around for a really long time." I will agree that that is true, but the CONCEPT of MMA is newer. In the old times, people joined arts and sports like karate and believed that their sole art was the best. They believed that the training they recieved was superior. Then guys like Bruce Lee started promoting cross-training so the student could aquire more skills in more areas. And now, in this age, people are catching on.
          8. " They have no grace." No grace? Trust me, in the UFC, it is hard to pull of an effective move under that sort of pressure. Without the skills and grace they have, they would be devastated. They don't look graceful because of the pressure. Plus, if you are implying that fancy, graceful movements are the key tro ggod fighting, then you should try fighting a mixed martial artist and see what yoy can pull off.
          9. " It is not a real street-fighting situation." I already covered this in most areas, but there is more to say. If the mma situations are not close to real SD situations, than neither are your katas or fancy kicks. You don't need to learn all those extra techniques to be a good fighter. MMA teaches students techniques often used in SD, and the mixed martial artists have an easy time creating there own personal style.

          Well, there is much more to say, but I will be back. Next I will bash TMA!
          Originally posted by Savatuer View Post
          You realize there is also something called Street MMA, which trains in mixed arts for realistic fighting. Those people don't have to do UFC and sportfighting.
          Originally posted by Savatuer View Post
          Strikes are good for wearing down an opponent for a submission.
          Originally posted by Savatuer View Post
          They teach eye gouges in BJJ?
          Originally posted by Savatuer View Post
          You could do an eye gouge in a real fight, but I'm not sure they allow that in BJJ.
          Originally posted by Savatuer View Post
          Grow up and get laid pretzel dick? Wow, how immature.


            I'm just going to scour old Omar and J-Kid posts




                Upcoming NHB Video/fight
                Tommorrow i have been challenged to a nhb by this fat wrestler, who is on my school team anyhow accouding to him he beat me and made me beg for mercy by grabbing my wrist and sqeezing lol.

                The sad part was i pinned him and to top that off he tryed to do something illegal with my foot so i asked him if he wanted to play submissions(this during wrestling season) he smiled at me so i figured thats a yes and spun into a armbar, he didnt tap and ended up screaming like a girl. I let go and he was crying and powting around the rest of practice.

                Anyhow his story gos off on a tangent as he plays poker with my buddys, the stupid fuck most of have forgetten that they are on the wrestling team as well. My buddy started laughing but didnt say anything and then he started claiming how he will destory me with his deadly tia chi bogwa which he studdied for 14 years*another lie* I know a kid that trains at the same mc dojang as he did and he said he was in there for a few weeks and quit.

                Anyhow gonna have to teach him a lession in are NHB match. He out wts me but is really fat and out of shape and has little to no skill.

                me `195 9% body fat
                him 230 probley 30%

                anyhow taking requests on how you guys want me to win, i will posts pictures and maybe a video of me taking this idoit to school.


                  Dammit. That was JKid. Me no good at quote old post.


                    There was a video to that.


                      [QUOTE=W. Rabbit;2870725]Please...don't tell me my business.

                      You may not be aware but the site has been under assault for years, both on the information contained within, and the network infrastructure supporting the site itself. There are active disinformation campaigns being run by Bullshido's enemies that have had extremely damaging effects on the community here. There are parties attempting to inject malware in the site in order to track users. I've even referred a few of Bullshido's adversaries to fraud investigation units and federal law enforcement.

                      BS has a slew of severe credibility and support problems at the moment, and I'm not one of them. Confidence in BS information is the lowest it's ever been. I don't have ANY credibility problems, online or off. I could give a dick what Chen says.

                      Wikipedia has a better reputation online for accuracy than Doesn't that bother you? What we're supposed to do here is invest time trying to contribute by helping improve Bullshido's credibility by vetting information posted by others. Whenever that vetting turns into the mob routine and innocents are assailed, including MEMBERS, and especially ones with legitimate credentials in XYZ, it's counter to Bullshido's mission.

                      It's Trollshido nonsense, and it's your collective fault for not doing anything about it. Most of BS's best posters left long ago, for this reason.

                      I've come to the conclusion this last year that my own investment in the site is unwanted because of the territoriality of certain smart mouthed assholes who were simply here first, and they won't quit until I'm out of here. A small crew of idiots is has been trying to drive me off for years. They're largely putzes, like Chuck Hardin. Let's not forget some of the foul braniacs this site HAS given leeway to in the past, to real-world detriment. Again, I'm innocent of all that sort of shit. I just like to debate and fact check, and this thread was fun until people start playing the tired old head games.

                      So what choice do I make? What would BKR do? Do you leave and give them the satisfaction of what they seem to want, or do you stay and permit them to continue to shit all over your posts on a daily basis (regardless of merit) and academic peers, because there isn't enough Newbietown meat and the supply of McDojos has run dry.

                      It's hard to believe I'm ready to finally walk from based on the retarded trolling of about 3 or 4 people, given the dozens of others that I've met and interacted with both online and IRL.

                      But that's reality today. I'm about to join all those MUCH SMARTER people who gave up on Chen thinks I'm lying, or don't have the willpower??? Watch this. Say hello to my little friends, they're all watching you right now. I'm watching them,


                        I miss Rabbit. Genuinely.


                          Originally posted by Holy Moment View Post
                          So you are nominating yourself? LOL!


                            Originally posted by Tramirezmma View Post
                            I miss Rabbit. Genuinely.
                            In the end, he was not up to the intensity of love.


                              Originally posted by BKR View Post
                              In the end, he was not up to the intensity of love.
                              Man, sometimes I'm not either. I think his issue might have been similar to mine, getting emotionally invested. And maybe not reading people very well. Wish he'd come back, and tell us some more about battle tested Chinese sword fighting.



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