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Name some self-defense instructors who are better than Marc "Animal" Macyoung

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    This just came up on my facebook feed.
    Its a smart whistle
    I think the concept of a whistle its self is a bit silly but some sort of keyfob that you could activate might not be a bad idea.
    Need to work out false positive issues with it.


      Originally posted by Yosuke View Post
      Unfortunately,my college schedule has gotten even more packed than before. I'm doing what I can,I've set myself a diet and been following it successfully so far.

      However,I might not have time for serious martial arts training until much later. although I might be able to find time to at least do a little swimming. There's a pool that isn't too far from our place.
      Dude, I've never accepted that lame excuse. I worked full time and put myself through college and still managed martial arts and track and field. Basically you're making excuses for yourself and I find it a bit pathetic. Seriously, you have time to go swimming and you can't fit in a time to learn to protect yourself? You can't read yourself into learning self defense. I'm thinking you're just here wasting all our time.


        Originally posted by goodlun View Post
        You have not spent enough time down town, you are sitting there walking down the street talking on your brand new Iphone and bam hit in the back of the head, phone is grabbed and then they run off with your 700-800 dollar phone.

        Hell I have seen peoples lunches get snagged in similar manner.



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