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whats happening to karate

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    Originally posted by Speaks Softly View Post
    Dude. let me explain this to you real simple like.

    Hopefully you understand, now.
    This is the only post in this thread I could somehow understand... Others left me with the impression on reading a narrative to a new chinese manufactured self help manual hand written by Dr Bill


      Originally posted by Green T View Post
      TROLL!!! how dare ye. I'm a handsome troll.
      I found the answer it seems quite mixed reasons like a subliominal message. kind of like the illuminati is there but its not there, or they pretend its not there but we know its there
      Karate is fight first...or youre not supposed to fight or fight in self defence.
      Caporiera dance first fight second, katas/patterns/forms all having hidden moves in some form of dance taking a long time to get to a high standard or good standard?
      I have come to relize as there are many dojos as football clubs as there are many weird styles not so much parting a fool from his money, but doing katas or patterns what ever you call it. paying club fee's to pretend to hit people.. So much variety or / the end you'll just be training weights to look good every now and then doing a kata or doing front left kicks at chest height and head height because you can't be asked to hold a stretch for 30 seconds.

      you might have taken up yoga or caporiera. They say the katas are hidden moves, they say katas are for health, maui thai fighters converting to karate...Wrestlers converting to BJJ, chess players converting to draughts, okay may be not the last one.
      I cool with that. when you do martial arts expect some dicks to wanna see fly kicks givin it large. I hope BJJ doesnt follow the same path as mc dojo !. where quality is sacrifired for quantity.or youll find yourself on you tube EXPOSED!.... lord forbid.

      I nrver got a triangle choke to ever work as my legs are too short (I'm not a midget thats my personal preference) to do what gracie done to dan sevrern back in the day its amazing when peole get the move to work. i just walk off the mat in embarassment.
      Consider for a moment that there is no meme about brown-haired, brown-eyed step children.


        Originally posted by submessenger View Post
        Thank you.







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